Saturday, February 07, 2015

Today we start filming my new video=)

Oh what a lovely day! Today I am so happy and excited cause me and my old dear friend Raimo, who nowadays is a great photographer and also have made some band videos, are gonna make new little video for my favourite song SHINE=)

So happy and this time it will be recorded in Helsingborg and the beautiful sceneries of our city and nature and my kids will also be there for some shots.

SHINE is a positive song with a very important message and today I want you to think of this and especially to people who are going through bullying and others people being mean and disrespectful to you:

Forgive the unkind - so bitter and envy
No LIGHT in their day - blackening lies
Shine bright - see all YOUR glory
No need to CRY - stand strong and you´ll FLY!

SO SHINE and lift your HEAD HIGH
Hold - you´ll never be LONELY
cause LIFE is ALL that you NEED

Be respectful to others and treat others as you want to be treated. 

Karma is a bitch, remember that=)



Anonymous said...

Karma is a most strange thing indeed. I'm not certain that I feel I can say I actually 100% believe in it, though sometimes it does seem like it exists. It's all rather odd :-/

Good day to you my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wish you all the best for shooting the video, that all goes well, and I´m sure it will be a great one. When I remember correctly, then today, one year ago the teaser of the „Lies“ video was published. So, I think shooting the new video today can only be a great omen :).

I always loved the message of „Shine“ and what you say is so sweet... I also suffered from bullying a long time, nowadays it´s luckily over, but I know how hard it is and I wish everyone who suffers from it to come out of it and I can only hope that those who are bullies will start thinking and recognizing that it´s wrong what they do. I wish that some day the entire mankind will learn to treat others respectfully and as they want to be treaten, so that this world could be a more peaceful place. It´s difficult to stop bullying and being mean completely, but with people sharing great messages as you do, a beginning is done. Thank you for always spreading such a great spirit and spending light :). You are such an inspiration!

I also believe in karma and that what we send out will come back to us. That´s why I knew when you were so sad this week, that it will go away and the light will return to you, because you also give so much light into this world. And I´m sorry for the double posting from yesterday, but I thought you might not have gotten my comment. Well, maybe I should wait longer instead of thinking too fast that something went wrong :).

Now have a great rest of the weekend, enjoy it and the video shoot and I´m looking forward to it!

Love and hugs to you and may light and peace be on your side!

Karin said...

I read those words many times, just now. And that you wrote about karma.
I think I've started to believe in that 😊
I got bullied in school, by so called best friends. Girlie stuff, about looks, boyfriends and more.
I wrote in my diary a lot at that time. I can't open them and read the things I wrote. I've tried a lot of times, but I just can't.... I am too afraid to sink in , in that awful " state of mind" , that " mode" again.... Although it happened years and years ago.
But, back to that karma... I ' m doing good. and I don't want to sound evil, but I think they got what they deserved, in different ways...
Thank you dear for " Shine" , it has an important message, but it is also a damn good song 😄💜