Saturday, February 07, 2015

First day of video shooting is done=)

And we had a very stormy day to work in but nature is just so stunning that it can not be defeated so we had to go with it and except from freezing my feet off it was such a great afternoon. This video is made with my old friend Raimo who has a great photography company called PHOTO BY GEDDA

His lovely wife Sanna assisted us all day and we had a blast!

Tomorrow we´ll do some more and also some shots with my kids=)

But tonight its the first Eurovision song contest evening here in Sweden and we´ll watch it of course!

For those who like metal, Elize Ryd from Amaranthe will be competing tonight=)

Here´s some photos from today:

You all know my dear hair stylist LINDA since before and she fixed my hair so lovely as always=) You find her at the salon called ROOTS in Helsingborg=)

Me and Raimo before we started shooting at the first location which was in Pålsjö skog, our lovely forest in the middle of Helsingborg=)

A little warming up in the car in between takes and powdering my nose=)

At the lovely cross at the cemetery called Pålsjö kyrkogård in Helsingborg where we shot at two locations=)

I had to change outfits and used a toilet in the forest=) Cant be to fancy here, haha!

Last location for the day was by the sea in Helsingborg at Vikingstrand and it was a real storm so we had some problems with my hair and hat and the waves were almost hitting me=) But fun!

Dear Sanna and Raimo freezing but keeping the spirits up all day=)

And we took some still photos too while we were at it=)

This was a funny one where I just had to copy the "metal" pose so many metal singers use…haha! Love my expression=)


Karin said...

Looks good ! You've got a wonderful look, and I like the colours of the photos, clothes, you, nature.... 😄

Anonymous said...

Another great toilet selfie! :-) Most splendid my favourite lady Viking! :-)

And, ahem, I can't quite believe I'm about to say this but I think that colour of lipstick really goes well with your hair when it's that shade of blonde, while also complementing your eyes, blue as the skies! :-)

Enjoy your Eurovision! :-) Nighty night Anette! :-)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like it will be a beautiful video... and nice pic in the toilets, lol! be glad you're not in france, public toilets are far to be that clean.....

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´m so happy to see that all went well and that you had a fun time shooting the video, at least apart from freezing. Here in Germany it has also been so terribly cold yesterday. You look really great in those pictures and you made a good choice with those beautiful sceneries, they are absolutely impressing. If there are scenes in the video with this cross, then those will probably be the „epic“ moments of it :). This pictures alone look very strong and somehow majestic. But all of them are really great, also the new ones you put on instagram today, and the metal pose was a funny idea :).

By the way, I like metal a lot, but I must admit I know this band Amaranthe only by name. But I hope you enjoyed watching the show and now I wish you a really great rest of your sunday!

Lots of hugs and love to you!

Unknown said...

Great to see a first impression of your new video. When will the video come out?

Anonymous said...

@Hep-Hep Steff:

Lol! :-) I really hope you don't mind me saying but I thought that about the public toilets in France when I visited ( Paris ) nearly 10 years ago :-)

Though the public toilets over here in England hardly set an example :-) Certainly not the ones I've frequented :-) They definitely don't Shine, so to speak! :-)

Take care! :-)