Friday, May 31, 2013

Fridays music;=)

Oh, how I LOVE Jamie Cullum so of course he need to be my friday music!! Best song on the album is Sad, sad world in my opinion;=)



Here´s my exercises from yesterday and today. I have found some great people to follow that have great workouts so I´ll do these and they are really sweaty!

Yesterday I did this ab exercise where you do 50 seconds per tabata/exercise and 10 seconds rest in between:

and then today I did this sweaty one where you do the same 50 seconds/tabata BUT you do this whole round of exercises for 3 times! Sweat attack!!!


Bloppis/vintage blog store?

Hi all and a very happy friday!!

I often get questions from readers who want me to sell my used clothes here and now I´m planning to do so but want to ask if you would like this? It will be a separate blog that´s only for this and it will be both more exclusive stuff as well as cheaper things.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Budget vs luxury

I´ve looked at a flower vase for a long time but think it´s way to expensive so I was so happy when I found a look a like from H&M;=) Got it yesterday and it´s lovely! Just need to get some lovely pink flowers for it today and then I´ll show it to you for real;=)

Here´s the expensive original:

And here´s the budget version I got:

Yesterdays exercise

Hi all,

Yesterday I did a sweaty work out and this time, instead of tabata, I used the principle of doing 50 reps of each exercise. Hard and I´ll tell you that it will burn;=) Of course you can take short breaks cause doing 50 is a lot!

Here´s the exercises I did:

Backward lunges with kick x 50 reps!

Knee push ups x 50 reps!

Squat side kick x 50 reps!

Shoulder bridge leg lift x 50 rep!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A new taste experience

I have continued following the blog and yesterday I tried to do a chocolate mousse based on avocado, which was really interesting! It tasted good but as both me and Johan thought, it might need some more times to "approve" with the specific avocado taste. But healthy for sure!;=)

Here´s the recipe if you also want to try a new healthier chocolate mousse. Recipe borrowed from 

1 mature avocado
appr. 1 1/2 tablespoon cacao
4 tablespoons of cream
appr. 3 tablespoons of Stevia (natural sweetener,( read about it here)
2/3 pinch of vanilla powder

1. Mash the avocado with a fork
2. Add cacao, cream, Stevia and vanilla powder
3. Whip for some minute with an electric whip to get the consistency of a mousse
Put in little bowls or glasses. Put some chopped or grated chocolate on top. (Anette´s note: I used 70% chocolate with mint in it)



Great news if you, like me, love Marimekko from Finland. 

They now have an online store open!

 Click on the photo to go there! 

Hyvää Marimekko;=)

Sunday exercise

Since I didn´t feel so well on monday I didn´t put my sunday exercise up so here it comes!

I used my easier tabata app called tabata timer. Find it here!

I started with doing 8 x 20 seconds of lateral skater jumps:

Then restart the app and do kettlebell swings with 12 kilos kettlebell 8 x 20 seconds:

And last but not least, restart and do 8 x 20 seconds of the plank:

Today I´ll do another workout, I´ll put it up later!
Stay strong and fit;=)

Last days outfits

Good morning everyone;=)

Hope you´ve slept really good and are ready for this wednesday! 

Here´s my latest outfits and my new nails I fixed yesterday with lovely color from Essie and Ciaté:

Dress from Forever 21:

Jeans Dsquared2, top Gina Tricot, shoes & Other Stories:

Top Hunky Dory, jeans Gina Tricot, boots Acne

Nails by Essie underneath and glitter from Ciaté on top:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in the mirror;=)

Hi all,

I´ve gotten a stomach bug and today it´s slightly better so thank God for that;=)

Today it´s time for a look back in the mirror when I recorded the beautiful song October & April with The Rasmus and Lauri;=) Here you can see me in the making of documentary, how I am, and hear how stubborn I am, hehe!

Lauri is the kindest person and he made me relax cause I was really nervous. As I´ve said before, I have stage fright and doing videos is nervous for me. In this one we also had to walk really fast on a small thin tread mill and oh my, that was hard! But we made it and the video turned out amazing!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Mothers day (again;=)

So, today we here in Sweden celebrate Mothers day, so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all lovely mum´s out there! 

And to my own mum a very SPECIAL happy Mothers day! 

I started my Mother´s day with getting a nice shirt and chocolate figs from the boys and then I baked lovely buns for us to enjoy! I´ll put the recipe here later;=)

Now a sunday exercise! 
Enjoy this day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Good morning,

Mio woke me up at 4.30 so we´re sitting here in the couch now and he´s sleeping again and I might as well blog;=) 

Here´s my two latest outfits

Friday, May 24, 2013

Nice fashion blog;=)

A super cool and nice girl who has worked here in Helsingborg in my favourite store is nowadays running her own fashion blog called Whitebullets and I like it! She writes in Swedish but you can enjoy the cool outfits;=)

All photos borrowed from

Friday morning exercise;=)

So, an early great morning exercise today!

The music I listened to was this:

And today I did every tabata separately using the a little bit easier app - tabata timer. Here we do each exercise 20 seconds times 8 with 10 seconds break in between.

You only need a mat and two weights:

Put the app like this;

I started hard with burpees... if you haven´t done these I can tell you that they are the best exercise but you might feel like dying when doing them;=) But you will notice how fast you improve and then it´s fun!

Then you restart the app again and do biceps curls 20 sec x 8:

Then again restart the app and do lunges:

Then I finished up with side plank where I did each side for 20 seconds: