Friday, May 17, 2013

17 maj;=)

Hej Norge;=)

Ha en härlig 17 maj!! 

In english:

Hi Norway;=)

Have a wonderful may 17th!!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Is this a special day or so in Sweden? Or did you announce it just for fun?

Anyway, thanks and also a wonderful day to you :).

Take good care of yourself please, dear Anette :).


Karin said...

Grattis Norge :) One of my favourite countries, although I have never been there :) All norwegians I know are just so lovely and kind . But in a few weeks I'll travel to Oslo. Looking forward to it !

SirenNemo said...

Tusen takk, Anette. Jeg håper at du også har hatt det bra i dag :D

THK said...

Takk, Anette! :) Det var kjempefin 17. mai til og med her oppe i nord! +20 i Kirkenes, +22 hjemme hos oss! Ingen snøbyger denne gangen. :D

Anonymous said...

At work in our staff kitchen we've got a cup with the Norway flag on it with the word Norge :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful country, is one of my favorite countries =)
Have a good day Anette ;=)