Saturday, May 11, 2013

From endless sleep... almost no sleep at all. That´s the difference between having Mio inside and outside of my belly;=)

When I was pregnant I was so tired and slept 12 hours per night... now when he´s here I get appr. 4-5 hours per night.

Don´t know what alternative is best but I am quite tired after these weeks of not so much sleep. Thank God there is make up to hide the dark bags underneath my eyes;=)

Today we´re going on a little road trip to Malmoe and I´m going to meet my "old" pyro guys Teemu and Markku there to get some gold awards they´ve taken with them to Sweden from Finland. Kind and sweet of them! They are working with Eurovision song contest where they do all the pyros cause they are the best of that;=)

Enjoy this day and I hope you have slept really good!


eskoplja said...

When you get back from the trip, the best to do is to get some rest :)
Have a lovely time on the trip :)
I hope you and the boys are ok. At the moment, I am finishing a little painting/manipulation for you. Will post it on Instagram when I finish it :)

Ena :*

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette :)
Is going to be a beautiful day for you. Here we have rain and is so boring to be inside all the day log :(
Hope that the sun will shine soon again.
Enjoy your day too
Kisses ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette :)
I'm never able to sleep long. Even when going to bed at 1 am, I'm already waking up at 7 or am. It's indeed really nice of them that they bring you the gold awards and good to know that they are responsible for the ESC pyros. I'm really looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest because I watch it every year.
Hope you have a nice day.

Greetings and hugs from Germany

Lina said...

Hello Anette! Hope your day is going well; I am sorry you are not getting a lot of sleep! I am doing a pet sit for a cat and a dog in Manhattan, and they both wake me up at 5 o clock in the morning for their breakfast! Ugh! But I go back home tomorrow, so I can hopefully sleep late. ;-)


Dalma said...

Yeah, I slept well finally. =) Because in the last few months I've been too busy and slept just a few hours like you now.

So this is our future, Anette. :D :D

But still if you went to university you'd be used to it. :D Here we get up around 6, have 10-12 lessons a day and study all night long. Then everything starts all over again. A neverending story... So 4-5 hours of sleep is totally common here. And I haven't spoken about exam periods. It's really not about good grades but surviving the semester. Surviving, literally . :D

You went to Malmö? I've heard that - because of the song contest - the chaos is about to start there. :D But I'm very excited about what you guys will think about our production.

Have fun there,

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear how tired you are Anette :-)

I don't have any kids though I can imagine and appreciate how tough it can be when you have to get up at various intervals during the night :-)

I'm also tired a lot but for different reasons :-) When I've worked a late shift I'm home for about 22:30pm ish. This does not leave me with much time to myself as I'm in bed at about midnight and have to be up for 5am to get ready for an early shift which starts at 7am. Which means I only get about 5 hours rest which is not really sleep as it's only dozing. I dare not even turn my light out as I seriously worry I'll sleep through my alarm :-)

Hehe...there needs to be more hours in a day eh Anette! :-)

Nevermind :-) I'm tired and you're tired so me and you, we'll both suffer together Anette! :-)

Having said that though I sincerly hope you have a better nights sleep tonight my favourite lady viking! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
I came across this article on Facebook written by German singer, Lisa Middelhauve. She talks about music and I thought you might like to read it :)

Have a nice day X

Unknown said...

That is the good thing with little girls (most parents and surrogates handlers doesn't know), the small human little laddies are far more easy to put to sleep, just ask the father or some other male to talk to her with the lowest register posible and she will sleep like an angel. Little boys not so much, they kinda like music but it does to work with everyone. I have a lot of nephews and nieces, and I had to play the surrogate father several times, I can tell you, boys are very difficult to put to sleep.