Monday, May 20, 2013

I love to...


It´s a favourite thing and when Seth was a baby I baked all the time;=) Now I am in that mode again and have been baking a lot!

Yesterday I did a chocolate/liqourice cake and today I will do these ones:

Photo borrowed from

I bake all cakes sugar free and without gluten. 

I´ll see if I can put up some recipe translation and photos later on;=)


Unknown said...

that delicious!

migi said...

hi anette, this would be great if you could write the recipe here. I will try this one for sure. I baked the toblerone muffins you posted once more then 6 times. Still love them. So yummy. Have a nice evening. Big hugs as always.

DreamerGirl131 said...

Looks delicious*stomach growls* :D and sugar free, sounds interesting... of gluten free, I know how cakes and stuff taste like, since a friend of mine is allergic to gluten, and I couldn't tell the difference between gluten free and not gluten free cakes :D but about sugar free ones.. I have to try it :D don't you want to send me some? XD

Sanna said...

looks yummy! I bake without gluten too, because I've celiac disease (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I've had a thing for pizza'a ever since an Italian take-away, which is run by real Italian's, opened up for business a few years ago very near to where I live! :-) Their garlic bread's & pizza'a are totally divine! :-) All made from scratch with fresh ingrediants they're the best garlic bread and pizza I've ever had! :-) I never felt this way about garlic breads & pizza's until I sampled theirs! :-) It's that good! :-) Through this Italian take-away I've felt more and more inspired to try making my own pizza's even though I've never got round to it yet :-) I have on occassions looked up pizza making and recipes on youtube :-)

Coincidentally I do have an Italian bloodline as my late grandad in Chiswick, his family came over from Italy to London, England sometime in the 1700's or 1800's ( though my late grandad did look English, the migration did happen many years ago ). I'm wondering if this pizza place may have awoken some Italian gene in me which has been supressed by being raised in England :-)

Have a nice evening Anette and good luck with your baking! :-)

Bianca said...

Hey Anette,
Hope you are fine :)
I just have a question and I hope you will answer it :)
How old were you when you do your first tattoo? :)
Hope you see this post :)
With love :)

Bianca said...

Hey Anette,
Hope you're fine :)
I just have a question and I hope you will answer it :)
How old were you when you do your first tattoo?
And what was the reaction from your parents?
I hope you see this post :)
With love :)

Unknown said...

Did you make them? I'd have a go, but I'd probably wreck the kitchen, haha!

Unknown said...

Did you make them? They look nommy! :D

Beatrix said...

Looks gooood! :)

What do you use to replace sugar and gluten?

Have a nice week! :)

Unknown said...

hmmm yummie :-) I like baking (with my mum) too :-) Thanks for inspiration and I´m looking forward to recipe!
Have a nice day dear Anette!
hugs, Radka

Philippa said...

That looks yummy! I bake gluten-free as well because I have a severe gluten allergy. Do you bake gluten-free because someone in your family is allergic, or just because it's healthier?

Enjoy your day :D

Farandra said...

It seems really good !

LindaS said...

looks so awesome but my oven is broke and I can't bake anything. It costs too much to repair (for now anyway). Enjoy your week !


Reetta said...

Hi! That chocolate/liqourice cake sounds too delicious to be true! Ha! :) Can you put the recipe here? I would love to try that some day :)