Wednesday, May 08, 2013


So, it´s now 6 weeks since my c-section and I can start to exercise more so today I did a tabata work out consisting of 3 exercises which I did for 4 cycles. I thought I´d share my exercising with you so that if anyone want to follow me, you can;=)

I use much lighter weights now than before and that is of course due to my surgery and my pregnancy, but I will increase the weights and difficulty along the way.

So - what you need for todays work out is:

An exercising mat:

A kettlebell (my weight is 8 kilos which is a good beginners weight), 2 weights ( mine is 2 kilos) and then a tabata app. 

I use Tabata Pro - find it here

Put the tabata like this below:
Prepare 00:10
Work: 00:20
Rest: 00:10

But put cycles on 4 and 3 tabatas

Then you do 3 exercises for 4 cycles where you start with shoulder lift with the weights for 20 seconds: ( I stand up doing this but you can do either way)

Then rest 15 seconds before doing a kettlebell swing for 20 seconds:

Then rest 15 seconds before doing the traditional plank for 20 seconds:

Then rest for 15 seconds before starting all over again. Do this for 4 cycles.
Done! Fast and anyone has the time for it and perfect with home exercising when having children;=)



Jenny said...

Hi Anette! Where have you bought those leggins? I have been looking for similar ones but can't find them anywhere! Would be perfect for gym :)

I also love tabata-workouts and -site. One really can get great results in a short time :)

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!!
Exercises are easy to do... first need to improve a bad cold, then start.
Thanks for the tips! You are very pretty!
Have any tips for cold heal soon?
Kisses and hugs!!!

Laetitia L said...

Dat body ! :D

Pedro said...

Woah, you look really fit already! Exercise will give you some good body definition and energy for sure. I think your posts motivate the readers to go out and exercise aswell, so keep it up please! :)

Unknown said...

Jenny: Hi! I got them at a year ago;=)
Take care!

Taaja said...

You look so great on first photo :D Really beautiful.

Have a nice evening,

FAQing Amazing said...

You look like you've never been pregnant, in a very good way, congratulations and keep up the good work! Looking great :)

Karin said...

Thanks Anette! You know: I will start doing this :)
One question though : I have been to the gym( lifting weighs and so on ) for a year now, so I wonder about the kettlebell. Should I get a heavier one, or the 8kg? ( I have never done the kettlebell)

Unknown said...

Karin: Hi! You can start with the 8 kilos and if it feel way to easy, take a 12 or 16;=) But since its a bit different to use a kettlebell than normal weights and the back can get hurt if you do the exercises wrong I think you should do the 8 kilos for some time to get the feeling into it=) Enjoy!

Karin said...

Ok, thank you Anette! I will try that. Have a great weekend :)

Unknown said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Must I say. ;-)