Monday, May 20, 2013

Went to bed....

...with a BIG smile;=) We won the world championships!!! I say "we" even if it was a bunch of great hockey players who won;=) BUT as a proud Swede, I won too;=)

Today I´ll watch when the boys get celebrated in Stockholm in TV in 1,5 hour;=)

THANKS to the whole team for such a great championship and taking the BIG gold for Sweden!!!


Dalma said...

That's fantastic. I'm happy for every smaller or bigger success of Sweden♥ and I'm always your supporter, except when you play against us. But that's rare. :D As for the "we", I think everybody does that when it comes to their own countries. Our homeland's victory is our own victory.

Speaking of Sweden♥, guess what! I have to write a program and it depends on my e-mail address what kind of program it has to be. And I've made up a good one. I use Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian texts to find the most common letter and the most common consonant in each language. And then I analyse the average length of a word.

If somebody is interested here is the program code.

And here are my result (any other ideas to analyse the texts are welcome):

The most common letters and consonants:
Hungarian: e, t
Swedish: a, t
Finnish: a, t
Norwegian: e, r

The average length of a word:
Hungarian: 6.31325
Swedish: 4.65823
Finnish: 7.46281
Norwegian: 5.29213

And the longest words I found in the texts:
Hungarian: 19 letters, anyaszentegyhazanak
Swedish: 14 letters, musiktavlingen
Finnish: 21 letters, ulkoilumahdollisuudet
Norwegian: 15 letters, ostskandinavisk

And I wanted to ask you whether you've learnt programming. Because I know you learnt something about IT. :D

Have a good Monday,

Unknown said...

To celebrate! congratulations!

AS567 said...

Congratulations :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Tre Kronor!!!! :D I was for Sweden-Finland final match and I´m big fan of Finland and Sweden hockey teams!! :-)