Friday, May 17, 2013

Todays exercise;=)

Good evening;=)

My exercise from wednesday will come up soon but I have some difficulties with a video I did of the exercises so I need to solve that before I can put it up, but my work out on wednesday consisted of tabata with boxing exercises and other good stuff;=)

Today I did tabata with two different kettlebells, 8 kilos and 12 kilos as follows:

Put your tabata Pro app like this:

The first two exercises is the same called kettlebell clean, but first cycle you do your right arm and second cycle left arm and I used my 8 kilo´s kettle bell. Here´s a video of the exercise:

The third cycle is called kettlebell press and here you do right arm half of the cycle (10 seconds) and left arm 10 seconds. For me, that is 5 lifts per arm and still I use my 8 kilos:

Then the 4th cycle is called goblet squat and here I use my 12 kilos kettle bell:

After this first tabata round, you do 2 more.

Then finish up with the plank 20 seconds x 3


Lina said...

Lookin great Anette! Didn't you just have a baby?! Lol! Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear anette Thanks for visiting my blog, I have a visit from sweden, I hope it's you, Have a good day and keep practicing. I'll see if I return the exercises as before. Love and peace

LindaS said...

Looking wonderful Nettie! Gawd I don't know how you do those exercises, they are so difficult!
Have a great day !