Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Great news if you, like me, love Marimekko from Finland. 

They now have an online store open!

 Click on the photo to go there! 

Hyvää Marimekko;=)


Anonymous said...

that looks awesome! I love Marimekko ^_^

Lina said...

I have a cross body bag that I got from the store they have in New York. It's turquoise! Love their stuff!


Unknown said...

I've been waiting years for this :-p

Unknown said...

Blaaah, a big BIG disaster at Marimekko, did you see this in news? (sorry the link is in Finnish)

One of the designers has copied an old ukrainian painter (in 1960s). OMG. How stupid! Too big negative image for a great Finnish Marimekko brand :( Hopefully this is the one and only copied fabric!

Unknown said...

Did my message come in twice, I messed up something when signing in XD