Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday morning exercise;=)

So, an early great morning exercise today!

The music I listened to was this:

And today I did every tabata separately using the a little bit easier app - tabata timer. Here we do each exercise 20 seconds times 8 with 10 seconds break in between.

You only need a mat and two weights:

Put the app like this;

I started hard with burpees... if you haven´t done these I can tell you that they are the best exercise but you might feel like dying when doing them;=) But you will notice how fast you improve and then it´s fun!

Then you restart the app again and do biceps curls 20 sec x 8:

Then again restart the app and do lunges:

Then I finished up with side plank where I did each side for 20 seconds:



Maestria86 said...

Can't believe that your body is in such a wonderful shape after giving birth to a baby after two months. Lots of respect for you!

eskoplja said...

Hi Nettie :)
That photo you's beyond AWESOME!
You look so adorable! Really made me smile. And I love your leggings

Ena :*

Océane said...

Funny photo =)
Is it me or you dont event have stretchmarks on your belly after 3 kids??!!
Then, you have a perfect skin!

Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

Oceane: Nope, no stretch marks and not everyone gets that. It´s genetic they say.

XxBriannaxX said...

You look so great! You have such a great body. :-)
Sleep well honey!

Océane said...

Wow! I want your genes!
When i had my liposuction 3 years ago I had no belly, so no need to get lipo there, only the legs. But after, When I gained a lot of weight, I gained if where i didnt had the lipo, so belly and arms. So now i have stretchmarks :( too bad but no right to complain, its all my fault!

Sleep tight!
Love and Hugs

Songmaker's Cry (Mandy) said...

You look fantastic, Anette. I wish I had your tummy. No stretch marks at all after 3 children? That's great! Very lucky lady! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I hope you and your family are well and happy :). Sorry I haven't written a while, my studies had almost completely consumed me lol. You looking great, I love to excercise too. Actually this morning was the first time I had a cycle on my bike since my ankle injury, then did weights. So nice feeling fit :).

Take care :)