Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yesterdays exercise;=)

Hi all,

Yesterday I did a "not to heavy" work out due to feeling a cold approaching in my body. But still a good work out;=) This is the thing when I hear some people say: I don´t have time to exercise, I am tired and so on... 

Well, it doesn´t have to take a LONG time! some minutes every second day will make a difference! This tabata exercise took 6 minutes. 6 minutes of a whole day is something everyone can find;=)

So, you need this: 

An 8 kilo kettlebell, a 12 kilo kettlebell, a 7 kilo medicine ball and a mat

Put your tabata Pro app like this:

The first exercise to do is a kettle bell swing and this time I added some more weight, 12 kilo:

The second exercise is kettlebell clean and here you do like before - do 10 seconds right arm and 10 seconds left arm and I use my 8 kilo kettle bell

Third exercise is squats with the medicine ball

And the last exercise is the good old plank


Anonymous said...

I excercised yesterday Anette by playing Tennis in the park tennis courts for 3 hours with my good friend Rob :-) I also did that last summer and I recommend Tennis to anyone :-) It's really good fun! :-) And afterwards we revitalized ourselfs with x4 lager's each and x1 double scotch each! :-) haha! :-)

I got a cold last week Anette and felt very ill in work. Thankfully it's gone now :-)

Enjoy your exercise Anette! :-)

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette,
Hello of France or it is ceaselessly raining!!
As regards the sports activities,it is a question before any having of the will, it is not a story of time!
I practise the running, and i manage easly to take one hour everything two days for running, it makes so much good in the body and for the mental.
I wish you a wonderful day.