Friday, May 10, 2013

Tabata 2

Todays exercising done and I did tabata again, it´s so fast and really give good results in a short time. 

A bit harder today with more cycles and a bit harder stomach exercise, but even if you find it a bit hard to balance on the ball it gets easier every time and when you get a stronger core. Core is really important to prevent back aches and especially when having small babies to carry on, a strong core is important. 

Todays tools were these:
A pilates ball, weights and an 8 kilo kettlebell

Put your tabata Pro on 8 cycles and 4 tabatas to start with. Work on 20 seconds and rest on 15 seconds.
Like this:

First two exercises is with the kettlebell and it´s the same exercise both times but different sides.
Here´s an explanation for you:

Then after two exercises it´s time for the weights and shoulder lifts. Start with the weights straight out from your sides then turn them in front of you and then down towards the floor. So side, straight forward, down, then again- side, straight forward, down in a flow.

And then the fourth and last tabata exercise is with the pilates ball:

These are the 4 tabatas (exercises) you do for 8 cycles and I assure you some sweat will appear!


XxBriannaxX said...

Good job with the exercising Anette,thats really awesome! :-) And of course you look beautiful as always. <3 i hope you enjoy this day,and i send love and hugs to you.

Betty Blue said...

Good evening, dear!
Whoa, that looks exhausting :-) I hat to stop sports again because it took over -.-
Watched Imaginaerum today with my best friend, and I have to say ... it is not really good. I thought Tuomas would have done better; but when I watched it, I just thought "Okay, you make it so obvious... You are Thomas, and Ann is Anette (maybe?) and Gem is Tarja... And you want her to see how much you cared for her blah, blah, blah..."
My friend and me were quite bored in the end - when there were less scenes with you, you were great! Especially the apple-thing. Her first comment was "That must have tasted bad when they shot the scene!" (And the dres... SO great!) So we both really enjoyed your scenes but the rest of the movie seemed to be a quite self-centered version of the fight between Tuomas and Tarja... I´m glad that I did not went to cinema. Saved me eleven euro!
So have a great evening now with your dear ones :-*
Love, Betty and her best friend!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello dear
how long. I missed you.
Glad to know that you are doing exercises. They make us healthier, and more beautiful, of course =)
my computer was faulty, and now I have another. Because of that I was not commenting here.
hey, I found one cool picture of you.
You and a '' dolphin '' in Manaus, Brazil. (is the first )
Do you remember? This place is so wild. =)
was in this place that a fan came onstage and kissed your face hahaha
good night to you and your family
see you tomorrow, my love ♥