Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last days outfits

Good morning everyone;=)

Hope you´ve slept really good and are ready for this wednesday! 

Here´s my latest outfits and my new nails I fixed yesterday with lovely color from Essie and Ciaté:

Dress from Forever 21:

Jeans Dsquared2, top Gina Tricot, shoes & Other Stories:

Top Hunky Dory, jeans Gina Tricot, boots Acne

Nails by Essie underneath and glitter from Ciaté on top:


Unknown said...

Love your dress from Forever 21 and color of nail ;-) You look lovely!
Have a nice day!
Love and hugs to you ;)

Unknown said...

In addition to the exercises you are doing any diet or have some king of food that does not eat?
It is very good to see you beaultiful and happy!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette ! I love you blog and your singing, And I wonder If you are going to dye your hair blonde again ?:)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
Lovely nail combination and, of course, outfits :) Hope you are well again.

Have a nice day/evening! X

TheDeadUnicorn said...

You look fabulous as always!The first dress is amazing,I really missed seeing you in classy dresses!Gorgeous,gorgeous.
Have a great day,

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Netta, how are you I hope fine ?)

So I have some news.. I Started yesterday my new traineer Graphic design job at nickelondeon brasil, in consume products area =) Its amazing and I can`t belive I`m here!!! So, I know you will say that you dont, but I have to thank you, because when I was sad in my last job and I told you here, you said to stay strong that this old job shoul bring something good in future, and thats was SO TRUE!!! ANd thanks again for you being a so nice person that show me how to be myself always and never fell bad about that.. you are my big inspiration.. =)))))

Wish you and your boys are fine, and have a great day!!!

Ludwing Javier Lazo said...

hello anette am Ludwig I send greetings from Peru, =) I tell you that I'm thinking of buying a camera and seen your camera and it seems very nice, can you tell me which camera model is? me want to buy :). You look good in your photos beautiful. thank you very much

Unknown said...

Love you Anette, you are so cute! I love the black lacey shoes, they are very pretty!