Friday, May 24, 2013

Nice fashion blog;=)

A super cool and nice girl who has worked here in Helsingborg in my favourite store is nowadays running her own fashion blog called Whitebullets and I like it! She writes in Swedish but you can enjoy the cool outfits;=)

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Wojciech said...

Hi Anette!
Can you tell us something about "Surströmming" from swedish point of view?
Greetings from Poland :)

Anya said...

Hej Anette! Jag lyssnade på Nightwish idag igen och saknar din underbara röst! Jag hoppas att du kommer tillbaka till musiken snabbt. Hälsningar från Finland!

Océane said...

My dear, nothing to do with the subject but I wanted to share this with you since its been release few fews ago. Its the new Indochine (french band, I know you heard of them) videoclip and its all about bullying. And know how sensitive you are to that subject. So I thought you would like to see it. But I have to say some scenes are hard to watch.
So please have a look, even share it on your blog if you feel the need. This subject is so "unpopular", and like in the videoclip, people are blind, or want to be blind.

I'll translate the lyrics for you (if I can do it in correct english).

Here you go dearie,

Lots of Love & Hugs

Océane said...

Just found the lyrics already translated by someone =)

"I learn from here that my life will not be easy
At people
I shall be too different for their life so quiet
For these people
I want to see you

I love nevertheless all their high society
But their world does not love to me, it is like that
And often I am sad
When I hear all that they say behind me
But I I have the right when you will wake up
Yes, I have the right
To make you that when you will wake up

The right to open your legs
When you will wake up
Yes, I like that
The taste of milk on your skin, I have the right

There yes we are alive
As all those of our ages
Yes we are the noise
As angry boys

I understand that here it is hard to be so different
For these people
When I shall be sure of me
Just a little less fragile, that will go
I want to see you

There yes, we are the noise
As an angry deer
Yes, we are the fruit
As angry girls
You give me your life
And we shall cross skies

I have the right for everything places
To make you that, in everything places
I have all the same well the right
Yes to make you that
Yes, I have the right yes, to make you that

In our glories
Down here to see again itself
In our furies
We have the right to see itself
In the glory
Down here to see again itself
In our glories …"

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi Anette ^ ^
I will look her blog, I'll use translation ^ ^
Kisses ♥