Thursday, May 29, 2014

New items in my Vintage store NOW=)

Go buy some tops, skirts, shorts, bags, belts and so on!

Happy Shopping everyone!

Monday, May 26, 2014


Yesterday we celebrated Mother´s day here in Sweden and I am so happy to be a mother to 3 lovely boys who give me so much joy as they do. And I am so happy to have my own mum who is so special to me and I love her so much=)

Mothers day was a lovely day with rehearsals with my band and also celebrating my mum with a nice big flower and a gift.

But the lovely sunday were darkened when I saw that so many countries had so many voters who voted for racist parties and nazi parties.

I can't even understand it? Have these people forgotten what happened not so long ago during the holocaust?

Really, what´s happening in  Europe at the moment?

Sad, sad to see this happening….

Friday, May 23, 2014


Tomorrow our first rehearsal starts and I feel so happy that we´re finally gonna rehearse together!

For these two gigs we´re gonna play some new songs too and maybe a cover?=)

I am gonna take photos and so on as much as I can so stay tuned!

ENJOY this Friday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sitting listening through all backing tracks for my live shows and this weekend we´re finally hitting the rehearsal room!!

And so u know: no tour is planned so to see and hear SHINE live these two festivals is a one chance only so come see us!!

Here you can see and hear my talented drummer Patrik rehearsing Falling:-)

All the best!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

From TV tonight=)

I was asked to say my thoughts about the horrible killing of a football supporter here in Helsingborg that happened 6 weeks ago in a news program from my region South of Sweden in our National TV station today and here´s the link to the video. I am on at appr. 00.44 seconds in.


Hi all,

This week I have my exam in Science so I am so busy studying and it feels like nothing sticks in the head but keep your fingers crossed cause I really need to fix this to get in to nursing school this autumn!

When this test is done I´m gonna start building up a new blog that will be all about outfits and clothes and decorations. Will be fun and I´m using my dear Nikon camera again to get nicer shots=) AND it will be written in both Swedish and English.

So stay tuned and fingers crossed for my exam!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

And yes!

Congratulations AUSTRIA for winning Eurovision song contest! Great song, wonderful voice and most of all a wonderfully beautiful Conchita! ;=) 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Soon there´ll be some new...

…items up in my vintage store. I´ll take some photos and put out some new great stuff this week!

ENJOY this day!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Blue blue days=)

Hi all,

Another week starts and I´ve had a great weekend! Acoustic gig Friday with some partying afterwards and listening to Electric Boys at Tivoli.

Saturday visiting the Toy museum having nostalgia from my childhood and then off to Denmark for some food and flower shopping=)

Yesterday a great cross fit benchmark called Fight gone Bad with Johan and coach Johan and then off to the studio finishing up my latest songs with Mikey (my guitarist) and Niclas. One song is written by me, Martijn Spierenburg and Fredrik Bergh and is actually a little metal and I have named it: 

The other song is mine and Niclas song called STRONG. 
This one´s actually having a soul vibe in it=)

Did backing vocals, some guitars and also a new transition in one of the songs and it sounds great! 

Today I´m meeting up with a teacher who is in charge of my exam I´m having next week in Science and then tonight I´m going to try a brand new hair dresser and make my hair lighter for summer=)

ENJOY this week and here´s some nice photos I took for you last week during a wonderful BLUE day!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Photos from our acoustic gig at Zebra store yesterday=)

Hi all,

We had a wonderful evening yesterday playing at the re-opening of Zebra store here in Helsingborg. It was crowded, hot but SO fun! Again it was me, Johan and Kalle playing and now I want to record an acoustic album with the songs from SHINE=) Love doing the songs this way!

It´s just something so special when performing in my home town and I had to shout out "Vi är Helsingborgare" some times=) (english translation: We are from Helsingborg")
Haha! Almost like a soccer game!

Annicka, my dear friend and photographer took some wonderful photos of us and as always she caught those lovely faces and expressions "in the moment" that I feel she is the BEST in doing=)

THANKS dear Annicka for taking these photos!

And a special THANKS to Efty, Hanna, Jeanette, Kajsa, Lasse, Renee and everyone at Zebra for such a lovely evening and happening=)

And for those who want to know about my outfit it was:
black dress and stockings from H&M, necklace Marni and shoes Minna Paarikka=)