Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sitting listening through all backing tracks for my live shows and this weekend we´re finally hitting the rehearsal room!!

And so u know: no tour is planned so to see and hear SHINE live these two festivals is a one chance only so come see us!!

Here you can see and hear my talented drummer Patrik rehearsing Falling:-)

All the best!!


Océane said...

No tour ?! No wayyyy :'( I was already saving money to go and see you :(
Is it 100% sure there wont be any show? Not even a few in the futur here and there? Maybe in Sweden?

You must be so disapointed :( im so sorry :(

Much love my dear

Karin said...

Ticket to KivenlahtiRock-festival bought !
Btw, You play just before Finland's most famous rap-artist, Cheek... I don't like his, or that kind of music at all...
So probably there will be a lot of rap-fanatics in the audience... : /
But, I am so looking forward to seeing you . In about two weeks :)) Jippiii !
See you there Anette!

Lucinda said...

Wow, it really is a shame you won't make at least a small tour. I guess people were expecting you to visit some capitals for even just a month, that would have been great. I know you don't like touring and that you probably had enough with NW, but you should try to experience it again as a solo artist and with less gigs, I'm sure you would enjoy it ; besides, you would probably be able to travel with your family when the kids are on holiday!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to your exam you passed! I told you you will succeed :).

And I´m really sorry you had trouble with people in music business :(. You already mentioned it in instagram, but now that you said there will be no tour because the label doesn´t spend the money for it, we know what it was about I guess. I feel sorry, I know you wanted to tour. Well... what I can say is that I´m sure you will get your chance. Really Anette, please never give up. You deserve more support from them, it´s not fair as it is. But see the future, I know you will reach this aim. You have reached so much because you are strong, and this is another step on that. And we love your songs, so if we have to wait for a tour, we will do so and enjoy when it´s there :). I just hope you are not too sad because of that situation... I believe in you and your way! But I also want to say I have deep respect for who and how you are, you give me so much also apart from music, through the person you are. So no matter what happens, I will always be behind you, whatever comes... that´s my promise :).

I want to send you a lot of positive thoughts :). All the best also to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,

It feels so bad when you hear there is no upcoming tour to promote your new album. You've been working so hard and it's a real masterpiece! Must be really disappointed...

My boyfriend Carl used to organize tours and concerts while he had Metalzone. Perhaps I can ask for some help? Or I can pursuade Val, organiser of Metal Female Voices Fest, to book you. She keeps posting on her FB page which bands we would like the see on the festival and I always recommend you ;-)
I don't really like the festival anymore because she always book the same bands... I think we need to change something and put you on the stage!

I'm really looking forward to meet you again!


Pascal said...

I just wanted to add, I just read in an instagram comment you didn´t have a problem with the label, but other people around you... well I got that wrong then I think, so I´m sorry if I sounded offending towards the label yesterday :(. But I feel sad that you have people like those you mentioned around you... I hope you can focus on those who really treat you as well as you deserve! Never let the others hold you down, you are stronger and you... SHINE. It seems you had a hard time last weeks, but I´m sure that the two upcoming gigs will go well, as all wonderful things that come, both in your private life and in music :).

Best wishes to you for everything and sleep well!

Océane said...

Hi Karin!
Any chance i can send you a private message somewhere? (Email or facebook?)
Since 2 days im looking for a way to o to Kivenlahti but really cant make it (around 400-500€ for the flight) so im thinking about going to the other festival in Finland. As you're finnish maybe you can help me? :)
Have a great evening!