Monday, May 05, 2014

Blue blue days=)

Hi all,

Another week starts and I´ve had a great weekend! Acoustic gig Friday with some partying afterwards and listening to Electric Boys at Tivoli.

Saturday visiting the Toy museum having nostalgia from my childhood and then off to Denmark for some food and flower shopping=)

Yesterday a great cross fit benchmark called Fight gone Bad with Johan and coach Johan and then off to the studio finishing up my latest songs with Mikey (my guitarist) and Niclas. One song is written by me, Martijn Spierenburg and Fredrik Bergh and is actually a little metal and I have named it: 

The other song is mine and Niclas song called STRONG. 
This one´s actually having a soul vibe in it=)

Did backing vocals, some guitars and also a new transition in one of the songs and it sounds great! 

Today I´m meeting up with a teacher who is in charge of my exam I´m having next week in Science and then tonight I´m going to try a brand new hair dresser and make my hair lighter for summer=)

ENJOY this week and here´s some nice photos I took for you last week during a wonderful BLUE day!


Vinga said...

I hold my finger crossed for you and your exam :) I wish you wonderful week :*

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've had a good weekend Anette :-)

Pascal said...

Happy to see you had a great weekend, I already knew it from the instagram posts :). I also read some time there about the title "Strong", but "Hiding from the past" is new to me and well, sounds great and like there´ll be interesting content in the lyrics. I´m looking forward to the songs! By the way, your new haircut is also very nice and suits you well.

I already now wish you the best luck for your exam! Me too, I have exams in a few weeks... the last exams for this year which I have to pass in order to get the the 13th grade, my last school year then :). The exams will contain German, English, Pedagogy/Psychology and Maths. Some of my classmates leave after this year, because the graduation we get with those exams is already high and allows you to study some things. But I want to study to become a teacher later, so I want to take the 13th grade. I want to teach Pedagogy/Psychology as main subject and as second subject I´m not sure yet... I preferred history, but as I heard the possibilities to study that are more far away from my place, so I´ll see then when it´s time about it :).

I also want to tell you that: Today´s date, 5th of may, is a special one to me: I´m usually not the type to focus on the past, I love your music and your way better than everything that ever was. But there is one special memory: When I saw you live for the very first time Anette. I started listening to Nightwish because of you and the songs with you and your voice, it´s just like that. and seeing you finally on stage then was of course a moment I´ll never forget. And today, this is exactly two years ago :). I remember that evening and you made it such a special one. For this I´ll always be thankful and I can´t wait to see you live again :).

I also wish you a very beautiful week with all the best that can cross your way!

Lots of hugs from me :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... it's great to see photos of you happy in times of success! My desire is that you be increasingly an "instrument of God" spreading good vibes, happiness, charisma, an example of a woman, mother, partner and proficional ... the world needs it, competent people doing their best, together for good. You are beautiful and brimming vitality, that God keep his strength to everyone around you can feel happier. Kisses and hugs here from across the world! (laughter of joy) Congratulations for the good work!

Unknown said...

Good luck with your exam! I have a retake for maths in a couple of weeks time. Do you have any tips or advice about taking exams?

Hugs! X