Thursday, February 28, 2013

For those summer parties...

...I would love to wear any of these two dresses. And now they are on sale so a good bargain;=) 209 Swedish crowns only!

Mini Rodini

One of my favourite brands when it comes to baby and kids clothes is Mini Rodini. I have a lot of their clothes I got for Nemo and they have great quality and stay in shape even after a lot of washes. 

Now the new Summer/Spring collection is in and I saw these lovely ones in our baby store yesterday and I am so thinking if the new little one should get these;=) I have just started to wash up Nemo´s baby clothes the smaller sizes and gosh, how small they are when they get out!;=)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi all;=)

Today has been a wonderful day where we have been out all 4 of us in the afternoon sun and even if it still is cold (+5 degrees) it´s so nice to feel the warm sun on my face;=)

We got some stuff for our home today and I´ll take some photos tomorrow cause now it´s just to dark. I also got some small stuff for the baby and we bought a little hanging mobile to have over the nursery, since the one we had for Nemo is broken;=( I´ll take a photo when we´ve put it up;=)

Tonight my best friend came over for some home made pizza and some lovely chocolate pralines from the nice chocolate store. She is Nemo´s god mother and he loves when she´s here. He drags her around the whole place and exhaust her, just as it should be for a dear god mother, hihi!

So there´s our day and photos will come tomorrow, I promise! Here´s one from my Instagram of one of the nice flowers I got today:

Sleep well and THANKS to Delain for posting a link to my blog in your Facebook;=) So sweet and kind of you and I hope I can meet you all in person one day.

Lots of hugs to you all!

Todays picks

Good morning everyone;=)
Todays picks has a spring feeling to it, since we are slowly moving more and more into spring, at least here where I live and it´s so appreciated!


Good morning;=)

Here´s my photos from INSTAGRAM the last days;=)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet dreams

Why not some more music`?

Since I am in such a happy mode and my two beautiful son´s are at home and making me laugh, we listen to this today. Seth like Delain too and he is not a metal boy and I think this is one of the best singers in metal. Soft, girlie and still powerful. I hope the band gets bigger than they are and the new record deal sounds good for them! I wish you all good luck=)

Thanks for the songs=)

To Kelsey, Joelle, Mads, Debs a BIG thanks you for sending me such great music to listen to=)

Sometimes a day can start...

....with the most wonderful message and today I got a nice message that made me relieved and happy:=) Nothing I can share, I am sorry, but it made MY life much more relaxed;=)

What are your plans for this wonderful day? Let me know!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lovely day

Hi all and a very good evening to you;=)

Today has been such a wonderful day! Spring is coming and when I walked to my mid-wife for my check-up this morning the birds sang that typical "spring song" and from the roofs, the ice were melting. 

Here´s a view over a big cemetery in the south parts of our city:

it´s fun being pregnant in the way that my mind still believe it is "not pregant" when it comes to how I walk. I am an energetic person and always walk fast so yeah, I always start in a fast pace. Then after some hundred meters my stomach tightens, I get a big contraction, I feel my heart rate go up, I feel I want to throw up and then I remember: Anette, you are 36 weeks pregnant, you have a big heavy belly! You need to walk slower! 
And yeah, I did that the rest of the day;=) 

 Coming to my mid-wife, I always sit down and relax and drink some water and watch TV before she is ready. A good way to get the blood pressure down again;=)

And yeah, I am so pregnant now that high heels are exchanged for sneakers;=) A blessing!

 Happy expecting mother who just realized that in 4 weeks it´s time to get a little baby out;=) 

Beautiful flowers on the table gives a cosy atmosphere

And if you have kids with you they can play here while you get your check up.

My values were really good and even my blood value were higher today. Thanks to all the broccoli and  liver paté I´ve eaten since last time. My belly measures 35 cm now and the baby is still sitting up under my right boob. Yeah, exactly as Nemo;=) Doesn´t wanna go down to the exit, oh no;=)

 After the check up I took a long walk and some nice photos for you. Love the grass they have in the big city park. So nice blowing in the wind.

Sun slowly coming through and later on it was up!

The Fairytale tree again!

 Grass again;=)

And when I came to the city I met my BFF and we had the whole afternoon together, strolling the stores, chit-chatting and she found some nice clothes. I love being the "helper" and seeing my friends get nice clothes=)

I didn´t buy anything for me, but found this cute little body for the baby and you know I love stars, so a good choice!

I have really tried to NOT fall into the Fifty shades of grey thing, since I normally hate these kind of books. Chick lit books and girlie books. But now I´ve been recommended these books from my sister and since she is the same as me, I need to give them a try at least. And I need something to do in the evenings when the TV is showing boring stuff and I am bored;=)

I´ll let you know what I think when I have read it;=) Has any of you read them?