Thursday, February 21, 2013



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eskoplja said...

Lovely photos, lovely sorroundings, and then the lovely you :)
Thanks for sharing them and thanks for liking my photos. I truly appreciate it

Ena :*

Betty Blue said...

Beautiful pictures! I adore that you have the nerve to take the time to take so many photos ;-)
Patience... Ha ha, this post of yours keeps following me xD As I told you, I´m not patient with other people. So I sent a text message to some friends to ask if they would join me in April to go to Cologne to see HIM live - I´ll go alone if I have to. But I texted them like five minutes ago... Can´t be too hard to write back, I want to know who will come along... Aaaargh, I need to be more patiently... I keep looking on my cellphone every ten seconds.
Have a nice (and calm!) day!

Kriszti said...

Haha I saw this picture on facebook and I knew I had to show you :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hey, could you post those pictures on the blog? and and haha, are so beautiful. ♥
I want to publish it in Anette Olzon Brazil, but I can not save the photos that are on Instagram.
Today I studied about Sweden at my school. It is true that taxes are expensive in Sweden?
Good night to you and your family.
Jag älskar dig ♥


Unknown said...

Mathews; Of course! I´ll fix it tonight;=)

Unknown said...

Betty:; Hehe, i am the same;=) I want people to take action NOW and always want things I want to happen NOW! I know patience is a virtue but damn, it´s hard! So I understand you=)