Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday´s playlist;=)

Well, how about that?? I actually woke up after only 6 hours of sleep and let´s celebrate that with a Monday Mood playlist;=)

Click the photo to go to my playlist!



shay said...

Lol...good morning anette....i just got off work and its a little after 1:30 am in las those songs... especially anything NEW ORDER.....

A few of my favorite things said...

Hello Anette,
I did not write long comments but I read your posts every day.
Today I'm in shock and I want to tell a story about bullying.
My mum is now in the in the hospital and on the bed next to her lies 17 yeasrs old girl. Who wanted to commit suicide.
One of the girls in her class very bullied her. Rest of the class also bullied her because this girl which is bullied is rich and very popular. So no one say nothig to stop that.
On Saturday night those reach and popular girl arranged a party and invited all of the class except her. During a party she called to her and she laughed at her and said terrible things.
This poor girl could not stand and and swallowed a lot of drugs.
Fortunately, she was found in time.
My mother, before she retired was a teacher and She told me this story.
She couldn't believe that a young girl could be so cruel to another young girl.
Mom talked a lot with her and she was shocked at how much the world of young people has become cruel.
Best Regards, Magda

eskoplja said...

Sounds nice, and I see The Bangles ladies there :)
It seems that I got a cold...I have a big headache...I feel weak.. -.-
But oh well...I hope you are fine :)
Big hugs

Ena :*

Unknown said...

Thanks for the playlist! I like these songs ;-)
Have a great day!
Love and hugs ;-)

Karin said...

Thank you for the songs:)
Here in Finland we have WinterHoliday. In swedish : Sportlov !
A lot of Finns travels somewhere:to southern countries, but also to ski-resorts:either in Finland, or Sweden ( Åre, Sälen...) and Austria or Switzerland , and so on.
All schools are also on holiday:so me and my children are now here at our summerhouse out on the "countryside":)
Lot of snow here, bit it is so nice for the children, and also to sit by the fireplace, with a good book, and have some wine:)
We are in Ingå, near Ekenäs, and Hangö. Don't know if you know those places, Anette? A lot of Finns who speaks Swedish lives here, or have their summerhouses here by the coast. It is so nice to go to the market, or to small stores, or the bank, or anything, and I can speak my own mothertongue here!
Have a great week Anette! We are already in the middle of february! Soon, very soon, spring will be here! AND your baby , too :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Thanks for the playlist Nettie. I like the songs. ;-) Hehe I had the weirdest dream last night and decided I want to share it with you,if you don't mind of course. ;-) You came into my school and told me that you were picking me up today,and I was like "Anette? What in the world are you doing here in Oklahoma?" And you said you were taking me to Sweden with you! Hehe and we got to your house and there was all these stairs and you had to put on this life jacket to protect your belly and I was laughing cuz it looked silly. And then Johan came out and introduced himself and everything and you showed me the room you decorated for the baby. It was such a strange but good dream. I woke up very happy because of it. :-) Hehe,so enjoy your day and I send happiness,love,and energy your way!

MusicLove4 said...

Hi Anette, I love you and your songs. I have a question that I am really confused. Are you still in Nightwish? I hope yes because I love your voice and the band, Nightwish. :)

Unknown said...

I heard this at school today, is this really you ? This sounds really good. Anyway, if this is not you i truly hope that you gonna sing in the future ! I wish all good to you and the little ones, and of course u'r man and other kids !<3
I read this blog everyday, because it feels like you are close to me, when i can read you'r days. I have listened Nightwish when i was four years old, and now im 18. I was sad when i heard that you won't sing anymore in band. But now, i hope that you will sing someday :)
Love Isa

Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
You´re not the only one feeling ebtter today, I even managed to go to my PE-lessons for the first time in eternity. I used to skip them because of my battle against anorexia but finally am good enough to start sports again! I am so happy!!!
So good to hear that you´re not that sleepy today - and may I add that your "coma"-headline scared the sh*t outta me? It´s been some time since I checked your blog and I was just like "WHAT THE HELL did happen?" But very good to read your calming posts right afterwards ;-)
Have a good night, dear!
Love, Betty

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I loved your demo!
I wish the best to you and your career <3

Greetings from Argentina,

Unknown said...

Good morning Anette!!

Anette, my favorite singer in the world! :^) May I send you something to sign for me? Pleeeese! I promise you it wont be a scarey evil menacing blimp that will attack you in the night! Hope you and the teeny tiny one are fine. Hope all your family are doing fine.