Saturday, February 02, 2013

A really nice artist got to the finals;=)

A guy called YOHIO, who is really famous over in Japan but unknown here got to the Finals after tonights semi finals and I liked his style a lot;=)

Maybe because I really love Japan and their cool way of fashion and hair and if you see the photos below of YOHIO you see that he looks really cool. And I also read that he gets death threats for how he looks and so on and he therefore doesn´t even dare to state his real name. It´s just crazy and unfortunately I know this situation so well. 

But now he is in the finals and as soon as I find the song I´ll post it for you;=)


Océane said...

What you really got serious death threats?!!! People are seriously in-sa-ne!!

And judging someone by the way he/she looks! Thats really make me angry! Never judge a book by its cover... This quote is just so true!

Well, again, a great evening to you and family!

Love and Hugs

Dalma said...

Japan rules!
I'm crazy about this style he has. I loved him immediately. :D
I'm that hardcore anime fan who starts screaming and running round and round in the room when there's something about Japan. =) Visual kei to everyone!

I think it's ok if people judge by your clothes. Because you choose what you put on and if you did it there must be a reason for that. Your style somehow shows your way of thinking and your opinion about the world. And thus it's a quite good way to look at someone's clothes to think about their personalities.

For example I have a particular habit. I put on what I find, id est what is uppermost in my wardrobe. That means I vary 5 tops I think meanwhile I have hundreds of them. I never cared about fasion. I never do anything with my hair. I've never worn any make-up. So my appereance and posture show I don't care about anyone or anything. People just have to look at me and they immediately see what I'm like. Neglectful, lazy, insensible and coldhearted. And they are absolutely right. =)

But I don't think it's ok to tell everyone your bad thoughts about these. And it's very not ok to hurt others because of their clothes or hair. Unfortunately the latter is something I know too much.

Sleep well,

Anonymous said...

Hi anette :) i like the visual kei so i think he looks cool.
i love japan too ,the food anime,manga, clothes *_*

i wanna hear the voice of YOHIO :)
sleep well,hugs

Nalon said...

hi Anette,
hi Océane,

The people in the mainstream are always strutting about others who are different.
YOHIO is cool because it is simply different. If he represents Sweden I will give him my fingers crossed.

Good night and a good morning.


Unknown said...

He looks so unusual ;-) I like his style :-)
It is really awful that he got death threats! I am angry when listen such situations. Why people аrе so cruel...

eskoplja said...

Some poeple are really insane! Can't believe there are people who are judging someone by their looks. And I agree with Oceane, never judge a book by its cover. Those words are so true.
The guy is really cute and I found some songs and they are pretty nice :)
Wish you a lovely day!

Ena :*

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
Do you think about take part in Eurovision? I think you can rock them=)
With Love,

Kaoru said...

O__o I listen to a looooot of Japanese music, but I don't know this guy like, at all. Anyway, I'm glad a Japanese "visual kei" musician can be at the Eurovision, it looks exciting!

Unknown said...

Hey Anette :)

Nice to hear that you like Japan.
I also like Japan very very much.
And my bf is japanese :)

Anyway, I hope it's going well for Yohio ;)))