Thursday, February 07, 2013

A funny thing a little boy said today;=)

Hi all!

Today me and Nemo visited my "sister". She is my mother´s husbands daughter so she is like my sister even if we don´t have the "blood band";=)

Well, anyhow, she has a boy who is so cute and today when I said I was going to have a baby soon, he said:

- Are you going to take away Nemo then when the baby is coming? Where will he go?

Haha! Well, I had to explain to him that NO - he will stay with us..haha! We´re not gonna "exchange" Nemo for the new baby;=)

Kids are fun and they have such funny thoughts and comments;=)

Love to you all, my dear angels!


Anonymous said...

My little cousin (a girl) ever told to my old grandmother: «You'll have to change your behavior !» Of course she had heard this phrase before. But it is surprising that a three year old child say things like that to a old person !

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Haha, how sweet ;D
My cousin Sally says funny things as well, when she was around 4, she asked me: Mads, what is meat's last name in German?
I still wonder about that one! And the christmas before last, she asked me: Mads, how many years are you taller than me?

She's so funny :D

Sleep well, dear :)


migi said...

hi anette :) how was your day? hahaha yes, kids are always honest. that`s funny. :) if you need someone to babysit nemo...i`m heeeere XD oops then i have to learn swedish first. haha

i just watched the video from serbia. really great show! i haven`t heard many nightwish songs a few weeks. it still makes me sad. and i really look forward to the greenfield festival in june but i guess it will be a strange feeling to see the band again....without you. :( for me you gave nightwish this "innocent" back which tuomas talked about.

by the way, beautiful photos on your instagram. i don`t have an account there but i take a look now and then. now i wish you a nice evening and good night. big hugs as always ;D

Océane said...

Ahah very funny indeed!
Kids always suprise me with their thougts and imagination! They're just full of surprises!

Today I've been so spoiled by my mum! If you remember I told you she bought me a ring from Swarovski days ago as it was the last one so she offered it today to me=)
here :

And today what a BIG surprise when she offered me the necklace which goes with (not sure its good english ahah)
here :

WOW!! I really was surprised as the necklace costs the earth! ^^
And the way the offered it to me was really funny too! She came to her room pretending to ask the cat to come to me to wish me a happy birthday (yes we are crazy) so our cat came and I was holding him on my arms when I saw that big necklace around his neck! How cute! haha! And I have to say it suits him very much as he is completely black! Ok he looks a bit gay with it but who cares ?
So yeah spoiled! =)
And no text from my "father" so from today I decided not to talk to him anymore. No news since I wished him his bday in september, no text for xmas, nothing for new year and no text for my birthday.Ok, go to hell =)

So have a great evening and a sweet night !
Love & Hugs

Beatrix said...

Haha, this sounds indeed funny, but on the other hand these are real fears of the little ones. It is good that he dared to ask so that you could explain to him. Somethimes we just cannot imagine what worries children can have.
Is there anything special you are doing to prepare Nemo for the new situation? I guess he is looking forward to meet the baby! :):)

Hope that the baby and you will sleep well tonight.
Take care.

July said...

Hey Anette!

Hahahahaha the kids sometimes say "crazy" but funny things, they have a beautiful and pure mind. And yes, Nemo will always stay with you and the new baby.

The kids are the most pure of this world!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, that just made my day (and night)! ;=)

The best question I ever got from a little kid (my best friend's son who was 4 at the time): "What is a colour?"
I really didn't know what to say. ;=)

Good night, honey, sleep well and hopefully little baby Olzon won't deny you your favourite sleeping position. ;=)

Rosana said...

Haha kids are really fun, I have 3 nephews, 2 girls and 1 boy they are the joy of family. Good night and happy that Nemo is well again!

Eleonore Saiga said...

How cute ! How old was that little boy ? :)

Valentine's day is coming : how popular is it in your place ? Do they have a lot of decorations in the shops etc ? :)



Unknown said...

Hahaha :D

I love kids, they are funny, smart, unpredictable and sometimes philosophers... I wanna have one someday! I only have a lot nephews at the moment and I love them!

Have a great day!

Magia Gelada said...

Hello Anette :)

That one was really funny. Thanks for keeping in touch with us.



elinie said...

Cute little one =)))
Thank you for sharing this sweet moment) and I'm so glad Nemo is well again!
Love <3
Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Hehe so cute ;-)
You are right! Kids are so funny and unpredictable!
Have a great day, dear! ;)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Ohhhh so cute !!