Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Todays pick

Here´s my pick of nice clothes and accessories for today. 

Everything is from Gina Tricot


Océane said...

Hey Anette! Everythings okay?!

Great choice! I really love the assymetrical long skirt!! And the belt too! :)
Will you order any of this?

Oh I lose 10kg now :) in 3 weeks its great ! :)
Enjoy your day and hope everythings fine with the baby!

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Océane; Good job!!! Congratulations;=) U have to get something nice to reward yourself;=) And I´m gonna get some of these things If I find them in the store;=) I LoVE the glasses!!! ;=)

Océane said...

Thanks a lot!! :)
I got myself the Ash shoes I told you about! But the "low" ones! Ill put a photo on my Insta!
But I'll be very very happy when I'll reach -30kg! I want to loose 50kg all in all! Then I'll buy all the clothes I always dreamt about! (If I can afford it ahah)!

And yeah the sunglasses are cool, unsual and a bit crazy! So perfect for you :)

Enjoy your day!
Love and Hugs

eskoplja said...

I LOVE the leggings and the skirt! I would love to wear that.

Ena :*