Saturday, February 02, 2013


Good evening;=)

Tonight it´s the first competition in a series of 4 to decide who´s going to compete for Sweden in the big Eurovision song contest in may. This year we are hosting the big thing since Swedish Loreen won the whole thing last year.

So, our evening are gonna be in front of this TV show and then we need some goodies and I decided to do the traditional thing called "semla" or "fettisbulle", which are eaten in February. The tradition is long and even if it varies exactly how we do the bun, the same ingredients are always there. 

Here´s how I made my semlor tonight:

The ingredients to make these are sweet wheat buns, whipped cream sweetened with sugar, almond paste and almond chippings:

After I have whipped the cream and added sugar, I break down pieces from the almond paste and the almond chippings in to the cream. 

Then I divide the wheat buns into halfs and put the cream/almond paste on the lower lid.

Then I add more of the whipped cream (the one without the almond in it)

Then put the lid on top and sprinkle powdered sugar on top and voilá- ready to serve;=)


Unknown said...

Looks so delicious :) Yum! I want to cook it ;-) Thanks for the recipe!
Ha en trevlig kväll!

Andi said...

Hi Anette,

semlor looks yummi :)

Found something funny:
according to IMDb your the coming is your third child with Johan :D see:

Have a nice evening in front of the TV! Tell us your favourits!

Sleep well!

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
It is sooo yummie=)Write this recept,'cause I really like do different desserts=) Tell us who will win Sweden local competition?
Hope you have a good day. Where did you be with Nemo? I see cute photo, which you added in Instagram=) And thank you for your "likes"=)
With Love,

Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hi dear. =)
I was missing you.
some bad things have happened these days, so I decided to get away for a while. I hope all is ok with you and your family.
hey, I posted yesterday a very cool photo. Do not know if you've ever seen. It seems to Morticia Addams hahaha
soooo beautiful ♥
Anette, I want to tell you something. I'm sick and well, I can die. I don't know when. It all depends if the treatment is good, but I'm scared. then if that happens, I want you to know that I love you and I'll always love you. Regardless of where I am. and thank you for making my life more happy.
Good night to you and your family. I hope to see you again
Jag älskar dig, för evigt. ♥


Anonymous said...

Hih, I'm just looking that same serie :D But I have to say, last year were better song :/ Its funny how I can watch this in Finland :)

Sleep well, dear angel

Unknown said...

Wow that looks yummy. I hope you have a good evening. Enjoy your tv show and sleep well later :-)

MM said...

Mmmmm! Looks really tasty! I think, I will try it someday...

Unknown said...

Mathews; Oh my God! You just made me stop breathing with these terrible news!!! I really got worried about you now and my evening got so dark. I really really hope the treatment will help you! I don´t know what to say but you know, if you need support, do not hesitate to write to me here, ok? I send ALL my love and strength to you, Mathews, please know I am here! Hugs!!

Unknown said...

Mynta;: Hehe, yeah, it´s fun that we can see the same show, despite being in different countries;=) but I actually liked Yohio a lot so I am happy to see he got to the finals;=) Sleep well you too, angel and hyvä yötä!

Gitte; Hi! Oh, what does this Krapfen consist of?

Beatrix: Did the right artist win in Hungary then, you think? In this first competition I think the artist called Yphio was really good but the other who came to the finals were boring. Well, good taste is different, right?=)

Tanya; hi! I liked one of the 2 finalists that went through today, a boy called Yohio who is BIG in Japan;=) The other one - no...;=)
Me, Nemo and Seth has been at home today, i`ve been tired. But we took our car to the big supermarket and got some food and that was when I put the photo of Nemo in the stairs in Instagram;=)

Andi; Oh, what to say? People just don´t know everything and then it turn out wrong;=)

Alina; You´re welcome;=) Have a nice evening u too!

Océane said...

Ohh Anette I never thought I could say that to you one day but tonight : I hate youuuuu!!! Ahah
I have an empty stomach since monday noon and Im just dreaming about ANY food! And now YOU put those photos! Aaaaaaaah it looks just so delicious and now I discover theres almonds in it. And I just LOVE everything with almonds! So please eat one for me :)

Im still at the hospital, I was suppose to go home today but no food or any liquid can go through my stomach as i have a big hematoma around my stomach so I have to wait a bit more! But after reading mathew's comment I have no right to complain! :( that make me really sad and I truly hope that Mathew, you'll be fine soon again!! Bug hugs to you!

My dear, have a great evening! Ill spend mine in front of The Voice! I never watch that tv program but if you watch it 5 min its over and you wannt to see it till the end ! :)

Love and many hugs

Dalma said...

Same here with the contest, but I'm not really interested. You know, in Eurovision it's neither the song nor the performance that matters, but the certain country's economic and political status and its relationship with other countries. If you get what I mean.
So I guess my little Hungary will always be amongst the last ones even if we send our best and most talented singers. So I don't care anymore. =)
Anyway, last year I was so happy for Sweden and Loreen. =)

Have a good night,

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

That look so yummie. So i have bite in the comuter-mouse.
But unfortunately it does not taste as delicious as this Semlor.

Today I look rather Navy CIS. Soon comes the series "Homeland" on television. Unfortunately for me, this series annoys now. What do you findes them for so great?

Enjoy the evening.


littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I didn't have so much time this week but I tried to read every article.
This recipe seems to be so yummie, I love almond so... I think it's for me ;)

I had an amazing bracelet with my boyfriend, I saw this kind of bracelets in US and I just love it. Here the link :

Have a nice evening

MM said...

Oh my God! I'm really worried abt the news that Mathews wrote! Mathews, please, don't worry! I know that soon you will be OK! I'm with you!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Oh Nettie I'm hungry now!! :Q___ xD xD they semlor look so delicious!!! *_* thanks for posting it!! And thanks Gitte for the Krapfen recipe!
A big hug to Mathews...I have no words...but I'd want to say you that even if we don't know each other I'm with you!! I pray that the treatment will strong and win your fight!!!

Pumpkin said...

How much sugar do you add to the whipped cream? :)