Monday, February 25, 2013


Due to the big time difference I have to go to bed now and can´t sit up and see the rest of the red carpet so I´ll check more tomorrow but these two are my favorite outfits so far;


Dennis said...

They have the look of wedding dresses. Was wondering - with your experience in being in a film, how has your outlook on the acting profession changed, if at all?

Julia said...

Hi, Anette, and I hope you slept well:)

I've watched the whole carpet and ceremony, it was 8.30 a.m. here when it started so I could have a good sleep beforehand:)
I like these dresses too and also one that Jennifer Lawrenсe had:

And poor Kristen Stewart - something happened with her leg, she limped and even had to use crutches in the end... poor girl:(

I just wanted to show you this video - it's our song for Eurovision. This girl won russian version of The Voice show:

Have a nice day,

Océane said...

Oh wow I LOVE the second dress! She looks like a bride. If I got married one day I want that kind of dress, a "princess dress"! :)

I havent look at the ceremony at all, cause like you its too late! But I hope Jean Dujardin (my favorite french actor) did a great job! :) do you know him? Have you seen "the artist"? I havent, but its apparently more than great ! :) i have too watch it one day soon!

Well, enjoy your day!
Love & Hugs

shay said...

Hi anette.:Amazing......yea i love these favorite part of the oscars...i watched part of the red carpet before i had to go off to work....ill have to watch the Entertainment news Monday evening and i cant wait to see fashion police... i can't wait to see all the other fashions....