Monday, December 29, 2014

LIES played in MTV in USA!!!

Oh my GOSH what a lovely belated x-mas gift I got today when Chad Remington from USA posted in my FB that MTV in USA had played my single LIES there this morning!!!

OH I am just so happy!!!

THANKS to Chad and of course THANKS to MTV in USA=) 

Now all of u in USA - go buy my album so I can come over and play for you all=)

Love and hugs!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Now you can find...

...a fast link to Rapunzel of Sweden here in my blog who are endorsing my lovely hair and extensions. If you want to get hair or tools from them simply click the banner=)

The logo is in the end of my page and are, of course golden=)

Have fun with your hair!


When Santa came to us=)

Hi all and Merry x-mas=)

I hope you all have had a wonderful x-mas with nice family gatherings and good food and maybe even some gifts=)

I had a wonderful time and it was a nice relaxed x-mas at home with my mum and her lovely husband. We watched Disney cartoons at 15 o clock, that is a tradition here in Sweden. They show old and new cartoons with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood and many more and it lasts for an hour and I believe all of Sweden is seated in front of the TV`s at that time=)

Then we started to eat the lovely x-mas food and also here traditional x-mas food such as: sausages, meat balls, different herrings, eggs, a potato/ansjovis gratin called "Janssons frestelse", ham and for dessert we ate a dish called "Ris á la Malta" which is rise porridge with whipped cream in it and vanilla powder (or vanilla sugar if you eat sugar). Yum!

Then it knocked on the door and SANTA came! Whoop whoop for the kids=)

No tears from any of the children and Seth helped Santa to read on the packages. Mio and Nemo got lots of gifts and Santa got nice hugs from all the 3 kids and then the opening started. A super nice day and evening and as you all know I´ve met Santa before=) 

He´s such a nice one and lives in Rovaniemi in Finland so if you are in the neighborhood there, go visit him=)

Love and hugs!

Monday, December 22, 2014

I sat by my piano today and recorded my favourite song from The mocking jay=)

If you want to listen, go to my Official Facebook page=)

X-mas is around the corner and...

… think about that x-mas is NOT about all the gifts we are gonna get or give or the food we are gonna eat or make….it´s about LOVE and thinking of others. 

To show how much we care and love each other and also maybe to FORGIVE and move on if there are things unsolved.

For me, I have always thought x-mas has been hard and its mainly been since I´ve been a divorced child and my childhood x-mas´es was always about having to be at mum´s or dad´s place and when being with mum I missed dad and the opposite.

Then I got my first son and some years later I was a divorced mum and suddenly I had to share him with his dad. So every second year he is not with me and its hard even if I now have two more boys who always spend x-mas with me=)

X-mas is not a wonderful time for everyone. Divorced children may suffer, divorced parents too and then we have the children who need to spend x-mas with drunken parents and I can only imagine how that must be…

We also have all the families and children who can't spend a wonderful x-mas due to no money. Here in Sweden we have far to many children who won't get any x-mas gifts and it´s sad. Cause even if x-mas is about LOVE as a child the gifts are so important to get.

This year I am so blessed cause ALL my three boys will spend x-mas at home and my beloved mum with husband will spend it with us and I look forward to a nice x-mas eve with food and some nice gifts and to be together. To show each other we care about each other. 

So I wish for ALL to have a wonderful x-mas and I send lots of thoughts to the ones who will have a harder one. 

And I give you my favorite song from the new Hunger games movie that I cried when sitting in the cinema cause its so amazing=)

LOVE to you ALL!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One year transformation=)

Hi all,

Today I want to inspire to making a healthier life change and to understand that transforming a body and building muscles take time! No miracle fixing if you don't want to eat nothing, but consistency and discipline and hard work can make you change your body to a healthier and more toned one=)

Below is my own transformation in one years time and I´ve done cross fit regularly for the last year. Started out with 3 times a week and now I do 5-6 woods a week. When I started cross fit I almost died every wod and I didn't dare to do many of the exercises that I do today. My weight has changed and from last year I´ve lost 12 kilos in weight but thats not the most important thing. The most important thing is that I am strong and have muscles and not fat. 

I long to see where I am in 1 year from now=) 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sometimes I need to stop for a minute...

…. and re-think how I think of things happening. 

It´s easy to sometimes fall into a negative way of thinking without realizing it and then when thinking negative start to question yourself, your life and what you can or can't do..

I am a positive person but sometimes I do dwell over things and now I´ve been in a state where I´ve been negative for some weeks and yesterday after a hard wod I, by an accident, found myself in a yoga class for the first time in years. I normally am to "stressed" to do yoga and such calmer things and prefer to do more hard active sports, but I decided I wanted to try it.

the class was great and then when we started to lie down for the relaxation and letting go of the tension and the coach played a song that chanted: Life is magnificent - hallelujah and so on with such lovely voices I felt how my muscles around my eyes and in my face started to get "tics" and jump around and I felt how STRESSED I am!

In that moment, a feeling of sadness came over me and I felt that: "now I´m gonna start to cry and can't stop!"

But I said to my inner self that it was ok to let the feelings come and that I needed them so I only had some tears falling during the relaxation and then afterwards I went home and put on the music from Buddha bar, jumped in to the bath tub surrounded with lit candles and in the water I talked to myself. I said to myself:

"- Dear Anette, its time to stop chasing around and try to do EVERYTHING at the same time. Its time to do one thing at a time and focus on that. Not do many things half-hearted but one thing and go in for it. And let go of the high demands to yourself. Let go of the feelings of being a loser at some things in life. YOU are not a loser, we all make mistakes but we learn from them. Move on, one step at a time and let the past go. AND start to do yoga every week, read good books about a positive life and embrace LOVE from the ones that love you. And don't give a fuck of the ones not loving you, let them go!"

So here I am:

Starting a new way of living and thinking again. 2015 will be the year when I think of who I am, what I want more carefully and not jump on every single thing that comes to me.

As I said to my mum some days ago:

I guess I will learn - eventually=)

Like a tree I grow and learn through life…

Love and hugs!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Todays music=)

Hi all and happy Friday!

Here I am awaiting the storm/hurricane thats coming here at around 5 this afternoon and I´ve been to the gym doing both a hard crossfit wod and then a really nice yoga flow session=)

I realised during the yoga session that I need to stress down and ground myself. It´s been to much of conflicts and negativity the last weeks so today I´m taking back my calmness and one way I do it is to listen to calming music and my favourite is Buddha bar. So todays playlist is from them=) And I love that they both have some rhytm in the music but also calming sounds. I am an energetic person so I need some vibe in the music still=)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Never give up!

Hi all,

Today I am SO happy cause I finally got in to Lunds university, where I have studied before and where I tried to get in already in september but didn't get a spot. I then tried to get them to transfer me but that was also declined due to them not having any spots free.

BUT I applied again and TODAY I got in!!!!

NEVER EVER GIVE UP on your dreams and goals!!!=)

And do you know that I believe in destiny? Yep, there´s a special meaning with this too, as with all things happening in life and I rely on guidance to make my life JUST as it´s supposed to be, even if I sometime WONDER why things happen=)

Lots of love!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Why does time go so fast?=)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for my absence but I´ve been busy with exam in school, starting to work in a new job with the elderly here in town and also having taken care of my family and my inflammated sinuses.

But now I´m here and today I want to write about that I feel time goes to fast! Its already december! And soon yet another year has passed in a rapid speed and I feel as I get older so fast and I still have SO many things I want do in my life=) HELP!!

Do you get that feeling too? That life is to short for all those projects and dreams and wishes you have?

Photo borrowed from:

I have always been a person who have new plans all the time. It can be that I want to start a new job, a new career, a new hobby and so on… always on the GO. 

I remember when I was a young girl and dreaming about what I would be in life. My biggest dream was of course to be a famous singer=) And I´ve been that so check on the dream list=) CHECK!

Then I wanted to be a hair dresser. CHECK! I am a hairdresser too.

Then I wanted to be a nurse. Almost CHECK since I am studying to be one and working within this field taking care of the lovely elderly ones when I am off school. So CHECK! on that too soon..

Then I wanted to be a teacher. Well, this I don't want to anymore so no check on that=)

I also wanted to design my own clothes and have my own store and I do have a vintage store but I´m not designing yet so this is still a dream to have done=)

I also wanted to be a writer and even if I´ve started many books this is still not completed so hmmm…this is also on my to do list and dream-liste=)

I also wanted to have a farm with lots of horses and this is also yet a dream to make come true=) 

I also wanted to have my own bakery/coffee shop and even if I make lovely creations and put on INSTAGRAM I am still not there yet so this is also in my to do list=)

I also wanted to be in a musical and this is not done yet either… So a to do thing too…

And I want to be a TV hostess in children's TV or similar so this is also a thing to do=)

And I want to make an album with x-mas songs and a great choir and a tour in churches. Also not done even if I´ve been singing as a soloist in choirs in churches. But also to do=)

And I want to be a personal trainer and health coach and this is also not done yet so to do list=)

And I also want to learn how to sing opera. Have done some classical training when younger but not properly opera so that´s also a to do thing=)

And I want to be super fit and like a bikini fitness model. Haven't done that so on my to do list too=)

Hmmm… and I also would love to have another child, but no time for that=) haha!

Soooo…. I feel that time is running to FAST for me!!! HELP!!! But I really want to do all of this before my life is over!!!=)

Do you have a BUCKET LIST? Tell me if you do and lets see if we can make our dreams come true together=)