Monday, December 29, 2014

LIES played in MTV in USA!!!

Oh my GOSH what a lovely belated x-mas gift I got today when Chad Remington from USA posted in my FB that MTV in USA had played my single LIES there this morning!!!

OH I am just so happy!!!

THANKS to Chad and of course THANKS to MTV in USA=) 

Now all of u in USA - go buy my album so I can come over and play for you all=)

Love and hugs!!


Ecem said...

Congrats Anette! We also would like to see you play here in Turkey one day.

Hope you have a happy, healthy and successful year ahead with your family :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Your restless voyaging in your elegant timbre longboat has landed you in America! :-)

BellaTwilight said...

Well done Anette i like you and your music is just beautiful !:D You do have a powerful voice .

Pascal said...

And this is a really, really good news, congrats on that! You, this song and your whole album really deserve it.

Hopefully a lot of people in the USA who don´t have it already will buy the album now - even if I must say that "Shine" is nothing you should buy at the end of 2014, it´s something you should already have since march 2014 :D.

Now I want to wish you a nice evening Anette, a good night later on and a really great Silvester day tomorrow :).

Lots of love and hugs to you and take good care!

Kaze said...

Happy new year!, my best wishes from Mexico. I hope you music arrives this continent, you have a lot of fans in my country.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Anette to you and all your family!:-)

Unknown said...

Anette ... congratulations! I wish that their achievements are increasing ... we who are here from across the world, we are following its trajectory very closely and hoping that one day come visit the Americas ... hugs and kisses!