Monday, December 22, 2014

X-mas is around the corner and...

… think about that x-mas is NOT about all the gifts we are gonna get or give or the food we are gonna eat or make….it´s about LOVE and thinking of others. 

To show how much we care and love each other and also maybe to FORGIVE and move on if there are things unsolved.

For me, I have always thought x-mas has been hard and its mainly been since I´ve been a divorced child and my childhood x-mas´es was always about having to be at mum´s or dad´s place and when being with mum I missed dad and the opposite.

Then I got my first son and some years later I was a divorced mum and suddenly I had to share him with his dad. So every second year he is not with me and its hard even if I now have two more boys who always spend x-mas with me=)

X-mas is not a wonderful time for everyone. Divorced children may suffer, divorced parents too and then we have the children who need to spend x-mas with drunken parents and I can only imagine how that must be…

We also have all the families and children who can't spend a wonderful x-mas due to no money. Here in Sweden we have far to many children who won't get any x-mas gifts and it´s sad. Cause even if x-mas is about LOVE as a child the gifts are so important to get.

This year I am so blessed cause ALL my three boys will spend x-mas at home and my beloved mum with husband will spend it with us and I look forward to a nice x-mas eve with food and some nice gifts and to be together. To show each other we care about each other. 

So I wish for ALL to have a wonderful x-mas and I send lots of thoughts to the ones who will have a harder one. 

And I give you my favorite song from the new Hunger games movie that I cried when sitting in the cinema cause its so amazing=)

LOVE to you ALL!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

thanks so much for this touching post! you're right, xmas is not something happy for everyone... mines sucks since i'm a kid. i guess having my father living home about a month or two before my 8th xmas didn't help.... when i was a teen, it was with my aunt and her family, but i was the only kid, my cousins being much older than me, and if i had some beautiful gifts, it was also quite boring.... and since some years, i spend xmas with my mother, and she's the kind of person who could say nasty things... if it could give you an idea, i was really happy when i received your cardigan, a few days ago. it fitted me despites wearing three layers of clothes (a couple of long sleeves and a t shirt), and i'm far from being as thin as you... it was really a lift up! and then my mother saw it a said "it looks like rags... it's for people thinner than you!" and i hear this kind of things about every day or so..... i couldn't be with people i love for xmas, but i couldn't be alone as well.... as a result i just hate xmas and new year's eve. so thank you from teh bottom of my heart for thinking about the ones who will not have a happy time.
hugs & love <3

Kay said...

My friend Kerry has lost her house the landlord sold it from under her she and her 3 kids are now living in a family hostel and she was behind by £40 on her rent and they where gunner throw her out so she paid it and now she cant afford to buy present for her kids so I sent them a big box of stuff smelliest, shoes, chocolates just so they all had something.

My friend Chris is homeless and living in a garage he usually goes to the salvation army but they have shut now so he is alone all over Christmas and new year so I invite him around as much as I can we have a right laugh and I make him tea and do some washing for him let him have a shower I try my hardest to be a good friend.

I had a dream last night that I had unlimited money and I walked around the streets handing food and blankets out to people and that made me start thinking I might do that next year, I do hand out sandwich's and bottles water to people in Manchester when I have enough money to buy food for everyone.

I just wanted to tell you that Merry Christmas

Unknown said...

Hallo Anette!

I have read your post and I must say I had tears in my eyes. I'm also a divorced child. Thats the first year that my dad spent x-mas with me. I have not see him over 13 years. And so it will be stressful for me. I have to drive an hour by train and bus. At first I stay at my moms hous, the next day I drive by bus to my dad and than I drive to my big sister. That will be stressful,but I am looking forward to that. I love it to see my family and spent time with them. But I am also a little bit sad,because I have to drive alone....not with my man I mean. He like christmas not and he want it not celebrat. Thats so bab for me....he is the most important person for me and than he is not there. I think christmas is the fest where we want have ouer family and loved ones with us and so I am so sad that I can not have my man at my site at the x-mas. So I am thinking about to spent the next x-mas a little bit with my man...maybe I will feel better than. ;)

I am so happy for you that you have all kids there and you can spent the days with theme together. Children are so great. I am thinking also to get one. Maybe ;-)

I hope you will have a wonderfull christmas and I wish you also the best. You are wonderfull and you are always my role model. You cheer me up. I want that you know that you are a great person. Thank you for all. :)

Greetings and love and hugs to you

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Thanks for this beautiful post that is true and touching. It´s great that there are still people like you who think about the true sense of christmas. Of course, the food and the gifts are a nice thing, but also for me this spirit of christmas, thinking and caring about others, is much more important and I find it sad that for many people it´s mostly or even only a commercial thing.

I´m really happy that you will have all your children and your family with you this year and that you celebrate it together keeping the true sense of it up and living it. This makes it really special :). And it´s really hard that there are people who won´t have a beautiful christmas, because it should in fact be something really beautiful. I also want to send them positive thoughts and I think when we who can afford a nice christmas time, also think about those who have a not so nice christmas, then we fulfill the purpose of christmas. Because christmas is, as you said, not only food and presents, it´s especially thinking and caring about others. And I think it´s so beautiful that you spread this message, thanks a lot for it :).

Lots of love also back to you and lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

It's good that you realize xmas is not a wonderful time for everyone :-)

Only 2 years ago I had an appalling xmas where I worked almost day after day due to a severly understaffed ward,which at the time, was very hard to work on anyway. During that time I was physically attacked, shouted at, threatened, sworn at, spat at, etc. My colleague was strangled ( he's ok ) and I was also molested. That ward must of had the record for calling security... After enduring a month and a half of that I became very ill.

And there are lots of other reasons too of course :-)

I agree with you Anette that xmas should be about love. Unfortunately though we are raised in a very consumerist society and this is the reason why the kids, up to a point, only see love as having the latest fucking X Box or Sony PlayStation, putting extra pressure on the parents who don't have a lot of money as it is. I saw a programme once about a guy who stole goods to order. Once he had the goods in his swag bag, he would then negotiate a much more reasonable price for the goods with people he stole for. Apparently he did a roaring trade at xmas! :-)

I'm sorry to read about your parents separating when you were a child Anette. That must have been horrible for you. That you spend xmas with one and find yourself missing the other, and vice versa. Hugs to you Anette.

And to finish up, I read that you say xmas should also be a time to maybe forgive. Well, if someone can do that ( it depends what has happened ) I do think forgiveness might go someway to making the world a bit of a better place. Another angle to look at it from though is that a person might be able to forgive someone... but that doesn't necessarily mean that they feel they can trust the person again. So therefore surely that must be rendering the forgiveness as useless?

I bid you goodnight my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Unknown said...

Hello, Anette!
I have to say I have never seen Christmas like this, though, I amo not a big fan of Christmas anymore since my dad dine 8 years ago, so I can relate a little with what you are saying. Anyway, I try to be happy since I get to see many of my relatives that I love.

Have a happy Christmas!!

Betty Blue said...

Hey there!
This christmas is going to be so hard for me... I never really liked it, but then, the days with my family are always so nice! Only this year I am not able to be with ALL my beloved ones - I had to choose whether to stay home for christmas with my parents or to stay at my boyfriend´s. He told me to go to my parents because he really hates christmas, so here I am, but... well. I miss him so much it hurts. I would love to invite him to our house, and so would my mother, but since he sits in a wheelchair he is not able to enter our house -.- I really do not give a damn whether he needs the wheelchair or not, but on occasions like this I wish he could at least walk a few steps, just enough to get up the stairs to our house... But at least I will go out with him to have dinner on Dec 26th, it´s gonna be awesome!

I wish you and your beloved ones a great and cosy christmas!!!