Sunday, December 28, 2014

When Santa came to us=)

Hi all and Merry x-mas=)

I hope you all have had a wonderful x-mas with nice family gatherings and good food and maybe even some gifts=)

I had a wonderful time and it was a nice relaxed x-mas at home with my mum and her lovely husband. We watched Disney cartoons at 15 o clock, that is a tradition here in Sweden. They show old and new cartoons with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood and many more and it lasts for an hour and I believe all of Sweden is seated in front of the TV`s at that time=)

Then we started to eat the lovely x-mas food and also here traditional x-mas food such as: sausages, meat balls, different herrings, eggs, a potato/ansjovis gratin called "Janssons frestelse", ham and for dessert we ate a dish called "Ris á la Malta" which is rise porridge with whipped cream in it and vanilla powder (or vanilla sugar if you eat sugar). Yum!

Then it knocked on the door and SANTA came! Whoop whoop for the kids=)

No tears from any of the children and Seth helped Santa to read on the packages. Mio and Nemo got lots of gifts and Santa got nice hugs from all the 3 kids and then the opening started. A super nice day and evening and as you all know I´ve met Santa before=) 

He´s such a nice one and lives in Rovaniemi in Finland so if you are in the neighborhood there, go visit him=)

Love and hugs!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, looks like the kids had tons of gifts!!! and the big boy is seth? geez, he look so tall!!!! time is running to fast....
on my own, i'm quite happy xmas is over... as usual, i had a crappy gift, this year it was a box of risotto. yes, you read it right, i had a box of risotto for xmas! at least the other gifts were good....
i wish you a happy day, enjoy the next week with your family :) hugs & love <3

Anonymous said...

Merry xmas my favourite lady Viking! :-)

As a child I met Santa on a few occasions in shopping malls and department stores that he frequented when he visited the north-west of England back in the 1980's :-) I've had my photo taken with him also! :-) At some point I intend to make the journey in order to pay him a visit him over in his neck of the woods in Rovaniemi :-)

Finland looks utterly enchanting when it's covered in snow during the Christmas period :-) Especially the rural parts :-) Should you be lucky enough to glimpse the Aurora Borealis during this period then that would make something that is already wonderful more special surely :-)

Rauma also looks like a very nice town in Finland! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

What a beatiful christmas post :). It´s always such a nice time and sad that it´s over so fast, but time flies and the next christmas is there always soon. And when we carry out the spirit and the sense of christmas into the new year, we give it a chance to become a good one :).

It´s really nice that you also had a great christmas day and that the children were so happy with their gifts and the nice looking Santa. And the food and the dessert sound very nice and yummy :).

Lots of hugs and love to you!

Unknown said...

Anette ... Christmas is one of the most amazing celebrations! Good to see your photos, joy and family togetherness, wonderful! I missed something in Santa Claus visited his home, belly fat (cheerful laughs), but I'm sure it was full of love and happiness ... hugs and kisses ... 2015 brings us more time to accomplish important things and wonderful! Here where I live all is well and my children are becoming adults