Friday, December 12, 2014

Todays music=)

Hi all and happy Friday!

Here I am awaiting the storm/hurricane thats coming here at around 5 this afternoon and I´ve been to the gym doing both a hard crossfit wod and then a really nice yoga flow session=)

I realised during the yoga session that I need to stress down and ground myself. It´s been to much of conflicts and negativity the last weeks so today I´m taking back my calmness and one way I do it is to listen to calming music and my favourite is Buddha bar. So todays playlist is from them=) And I love that they both have some rhytm in the music but also calming sounds. I am an energetic person so I need some vibe in the music still=)



BellaTwilight said...

Dear Anette - Thank You so Much for your music is it beautiful and it can be a good music to listen to it. hey , I maybe be able to like it for more . I am also afraid feelings of old stories and old music!I want something new too ;=)I maybe like what you write about (Yoga) and a Never give up situations. I Like to write short stories but sometimes I just skip the day and write In a Diary when I have that Upsetting feelings or Angry- And futhuremore it's just amazing how I can put in words. :=). I feel happy About that.Just want to say Thank You on the behalf of music.

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

This week I've been anxious.

I'm on a redeployment list at the hospital and last Friday a suitable job in a clinic appeared. Perfect for my chronic pain with my double sided inguinal hernia's! :-)

So I seized upon it and the vacancy was put on hold and since last Friday I've been waiting for the person in HR who's dealing with me to arrange a meeting between herself, the manager, and myself. I've spent the last week chasing up if she's arranged anything yet and yesterday she finally said a meeting had been organised for today this afternoon. I felt quite relieved...

Until this morning when I received a phone call informing me that the manager has had to go home as she's feeling ill and now it's been postponed until Monday :-(

As I now have chronic double-sided pain after 2 operations to mend two inguinal hernia's ( up until late last year I spent 15 years running around fast paced/physically very heavy hospital wards/nursing home floors ) this means I'm forced to be a bit more selective with what I do for a living ( I can't work in an office due to me not being able to read & write fast enough due to my dyslexia ). So when something ideal comes along I absolutely do not like it when I'm made to wait around as I'm desperate to meet them to hopefully secure the post!

Pascal said...

And I´m just listening to some of this and it´s really nice :). A bit different from what I really love to hear otherwise (ehm... for example, I don´t know for sure if you know that, but if not I recommend you to listen, there is a really, really amazing album released this year that is called "Shine", by a truely wonderful and talented singer and person :) :) ), but it´s good. Thanks for sharing, I guess that some of it is really useful if you want to calm down a bit.

I wish you and your family a really great weekend, Anette! Oh and today I was in cinema watching "The Battle of the five Armies", the last part of the great Hobbit - saga. I think it´s a wonderful last movie of it, I hope you will like it too when you watch it :).

But for now, have a great evening and lots of love and hugs to you!