Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Why does time go so fast?=)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for my absence but I´ve been busy with exam in school, starting to work in a new job with the elderly here in town and also having taken care of my family and my inflammated sinuses.

But now I´m here and today I want to write about that I feel time goes to fast! Its already december! And soon yet another year has passed in a rapid speed and I feel as I get older so fast and I still have SO many things I want do in my life=) HELP!!

Do you get that feeling too? That life is to short for all those projects and dreams and wishes you have?

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I have always been a person who have new plans all the time. It can be that I want to start a new job, a new career, a new hobby and so on… always on the GO. 

I remember when I was a young girl and dreaming about what I would be in life. My biggest dream was of course to be a famous singer=) And I´ve been that so check on the dream list=) CHECK!

Then I wanted to be a hair dresser. CHECK! I am a hairdresser too.

Then I wanted to be a nurse. Almost CHECK since I am studying to be one and working within this field taking care of the lovely elderly ones when I am off school. So CHECK! on that too soon..

Then I wanted to be a teacher. Well, this I don't want to anymore so no check on that=)

I also wanted to design my own clothes and have my own store and I do have a vintage store but I´m not designing yet so this is still a dream to have done=)

I also wanted to be a writer and even if I´ve started many books this is still not completed so hmmm…this is also on my to do list and dream-liste=)

I also wanted to have a farm with lots of horses and this is also yet a dream to make come true=) 

I also wanted to have my own bakery/coffee shop and even if I make lovely creations and put on INSTAGRAM I am still not there yet so this is also in my to do list=)

I also wanted to be in a musical and this is not done yet either… So a to do thing too…

And I want to be a TV hostess in children's TV or similar so this is also a thing to do=)

And I want to make an album with x-mas songs and a great choir and a tour in churches. Also not done even if I´ve been singing as a soloist in choirs in churches. But also to do=)

And I want to be a personal trainer and health coach and this is also not done yet so to do list=)

And I also want to learn how to sing opera. Have done some classical training when younger but not properly opera so that´s also a to do thing=)

And I want to be super fit and like a bikini fitness model. Haven't done that so on my to do list too=)

Hmmm… and I also would love to have another child, but no time for that=) haha!

Soooo…. I feel that time is running to FAST for me!!! HELP!!! But I really want to do all of this before my life is over!!!=)

Do you have a BUCKET LIST? Tell me if you do and lets see if we can make our dreams come true together=)



Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette it's lovely to read you :)
yes, time runs too fast - and sometimes too slow as well....
looks like there's a lot of things you want to do, and some that you were able to do.... it's great!
on my own, there's only one thing i want, but i know i will never have it.... i want to be normal. but being asperger and borderline, it will never happen... sometimes i'm quite happy i'm different, being able to still have a children heart and soul for the rest of my life, and unable to hurt someone on purpose. but most of the time it hurts.... simply because it's hard to get out of the house without feeling sick of it, or being able to talk to someone without feeling scared, or to have so many emotions but not knowing how to make them out, and so many other things..... so i focuse on a few things that i could do: read as much books as i could in french and english, having fun with some friends (i don't care if they are behind their screens like me, the communication is virtual but not the feelings), going out for things that are stronger than my fears (there's a few, hopefully), learnings about interesting things, and listening to my beloved music, all kind of music.... this way i could survive each day i have to live.
i wish you a lovely weekennd, enjoy your time with your family :) hugs & love <3
(ps: i'll send you an email on friday morning about the cardigan and the portable cell bag, i'll have my money during this day)

Hecate said...

You are good in everything you do, just because you are the queen Anette Olzon. That's all you need my majesty. You need you! And you are eternal in our minds, that's a place where time doesn't exist. And you don't get older. Love you so much and I always remember you by the person that helped me to dream a little bit more. Your voice and your sweet face are pure magic! Love you dear queen!

Anonymous said...

I also have a bucket list! I think it is a good thing to make t some things in life :-)
My bucket list is:
- moving to the US with my future family
- horse back riding in Monument Valley
- go for a swim in the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon
- spend one day with my favorite artist
- own a horse
- to have a healthy child
- become a travel agent
- design my own clothes
- change eating habits
- visit all kind of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, ...
- I always wanted to be a signer or an artist
- I want to have a big libary with all historical and art books
- A big vinyl collection
- meeting you again would make me happy!

I still have a lot to do ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I am a big dreamer, too! (I am a Pisces...supposed to be typical!)

I am currently writing a fantasy novel about the magic of the forest and Winter, but I started it 5 years ago! Still working on that...

I would like yo be bikini skinny, too! I have lost 5 kilos in 7 weeks by bring mostly vegan, wheat and sugar free, and not eating carbs at night, plus exercise. Still trying, haha...

I would like to take my 2 dogs and 3 cats on a forest adventure...not sure how that would work out, hehehe...

Would like to play guitar, but too lazy to practise... :/

Would like to see a world where all creatures are safe and happy. This would make me happiest... And that all people and animals only die of old age and nothing else! My best wish!

Good on you for being so hopeful and active! You live life to the fullest, which is great!

Stay cool!

Cheers, Ali. Xx

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan.
Wow, so many things to do. I also feel that times flies. In a blink of an eye we already grew up and in another we are parents and has many responsabilities and every year that passes seems time flies faster.
I never made a "things to do" list, because I wanted many things but due some sad circumstances I buried them all some years ago but now I am digging so slowly. I always believe we always have time because WE make our time, so if you want to be all these things you said you will be, even having another child, there is always time for that. I know a woman, a famous brazilian actress who had her first child with 54, so yes, there is still time for that.
Soon I'll start my class in medical school and then I'll try to make that list, even though people always say medical students don't have time for anything, I believe I can make one =). And by the way, one of the dreams I always had in life is being a singer, I won't tell you as famous as a NW singer, but I want the world to know my music, and my writing, so maybe we can work on that together =).

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Hello Anette! Yes,I have also that feeling that the time flies to fast. I have also my to do list.

I want make my Diploma in health and social, I do that at the moment- so check ;-)

I want work with childreen and help them,becouse I love childreen. I doing an internship in kindergarten and it fills me so much. - So check

I also want study,but I think I am not to good for that...maybe later ;-) - so not check

I always want to be a hairdresser or make up artist- so not check

I always want have my own band and want sing. I write my own songs and I sing,but not with a band or on stage -so not check

I want to get marry. Maybe we make it in the next two years -so check

I want to have two childreen,but also no time for it -so not check

I want have my driver's license, but I had no money for that- so not check

I want have my own house,but this have time- so not check

I want loose weight,so I have to go 20 kilos -so not check

that are a lot of things I want to do befor my live is over.

I want that my own songs are not only at the papers,there should be recording on cd. I think you understand that. Greetings my dear and hug

Anonymous said...

Hei Anette !
It's super to see all these wishes you have !

- You arrived to be a famous singer so beautifully, you rest who you was always and that just super !!
- You are a teacher dear, you educated your children so you are a teacher ! You learn them to walk, speakect. So you are a teacher :)
- You didn't design your own clothes but you can do it :)
- Fore the farm it'll be hard for sure, but you canalways buy one like that you'll have a horse like that :) no farm but a horse ;)
- You can also learn an instrument, you have a musician at your home :)
- For TV send a CV to a TV Show ;)
- Ohhh yes I WOULD LOVE have a Christmas CD of you ! Please did it !!
- You can always did any video on youtube, like that you'll be a little by the way of internet :)
- You can do what you want dear ! So take the chance :)

Concerning my own list:
- I would love see the world
- Have my own decorations website
- have a lovely home near to the sea and forest in a country with some snow !
- I would love being a stylist ! That will be sooo magical !!!

I haven't to much dreams but I would love so much realized these ones!!

Kisses and love :*

Unknown said...

Anette ... your list is large, full of important things ... very good! I believe that may resurface all, you just need to make the time to turn your friend, think it took another day to refine his ideas. I have a big list like yours, only a sentence composed my "list":. * If love with each question or affinity and do everything in your alcanse to become a good reality * Many wonderful things happened in my life with the Grace of God, my three children are my best achievements: Leandro (18 years), Bruno (16 years) and Pedro (10 years), are fantastic boys only bring me joy and I am now starting my studies to become a bass and it was not in my plans, but fell in love with bass so held one. I want to be old lady and feel in my heart that fulfilled my mission in the world. Wish you also feel the joy of having contibuido for the greater good, that his life has made a wonderful difference in all other who somehow knew you. Stay with God, for He gives time for those who want to do good things. Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Great to read from you! :-)

Yeah, time does go by fast... between your last blog post and your new one! :-D Hahaha... only joking my favourite lady Viking! :-) Well, I've found that this year has been one kick in the bollocks after another. Time is going by fast but time can't go by quick enough as 2014 is a year I'll be glad to see the back of...

It's only when we start to get older that we really start to become aware that time is going by so quick. Only the other week while I was drinking my cup of tea I sort of had a tiny, personal crisis, that revolved around the fear of not accomplishing some thing's I'd like to do, which was accompanied by a feeling that time is running out.

And that is one hell of a long list of dreams Anette :-) Hehe...there is nothing wrong with that though! :-)

I did write my dreams down Anette but I've just had to edit my comment as I've tried to post it x3 times but I've got this message which says 'Your HTML cannot be accepted: Must be at most 4,096 characters' And now I can't be arsed to write any more now after that :-(

Just one more thing before I go my favourite lady Viking, have you seen Taylor Swifts new video for her song Blank Space? Well, she's stolen your apple from Storytime! :-D

Bye for now! :-)

Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette:) Im 22 but actually I feel the same. I want to be a famous singer, I want to be a animal welfare activist and do something good for animals, i want to be a christian preacher and tell people about God. I want to be a benefactor and help poor children who have dreadful disease and poor old people too.

Everything is so hard. I try to work, try to do somthing, but time goes so fast...year by year... Oh((

Wish you good luck! Get everything you want!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I also know this feeling of having so many things to do, so many things I want to do at the same time and time is not enough for them. It´s incredible that a new year is soon there, I still remember beginning of this one as if it were only a few months ago. Time really goes so fast! It´s understandable that you were absent with all those things to manage. Sorry also that your illness didn´t come to an end so far, I wish you to get well soon and lots of healthiness :).

You really have a lot of dreams and I know that you can manage to fulfill them. You already often told us about dreams of you that came true and I have no doubt that it will be the same with those who are not fulfilled already. That´s also a thing where I see you as a great role model: In fulfilling our dreams and reach our aims.

And that´s in fact a really important thing, I think that dreams in life are important, because they give a kind of special purpose to our lifes. To have things we strive to reach is also a kind of fulfillment. I personally have no real bucket list, but of course a lot of goals and dreams, too many to write down at one time :). But maybe I really should do and put them into such a bucket list. They range from smaller, more common things, to big things that are maybe difficult, but not impossible I believe. I often pray and try to believe in those things :). That´s often not easy, but as I said before, you give great inspiration with your positiveness and often encouraging words. I think I also remember a blog post from you years ago, where you said it´s good to write down all the things we wish for in a list and years later check this list and see what of it we have reached and what is still open. That´s also a great idea. And I think most important is, as you also said so often, to believe in us and our dreams and the things we can reach. Thank you again that you are always such a great inspiration, that you give us so much strength with your beautiful words and that you send so many positiveness into this world! I hope all the best for you and that all your dreams may be fulfilled. And I always believe in you, because even when you are FALLING from time to time, you are INVINCIBLE and you SHINE :).

Now I wish you a good night and a beautiful weekend! Lots of hugs and love back to you and please take good care :).

The One Who Should Die said...

I want to be a Rockstar. To write songs and to tour with my band is the only dream I have. I'll start taking song lessons next year and when I can sing well, I'll contact a music studio. It's soo exiting!

Unknown said...

You are such a BIG inspiration!!
Love & hugs!!