Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NOW my new kids vintage store is up and running=)

I just opened my new vintage store for kids and I hope you´ll like it=) In here I´ll sell both my boys baby clothes, both cheap stuff as well as luxury brands and also clothes for older kids in size 92 and even for kids in Seths age!

I´ll add more items soon but there are already some nice stuff in there so go check it out! I´ll also open a new instagram account for this!

Happy shopping!!

New items added in my vintage store and more will come the coming days

Some new items in my store and I am adding more this week so check it out now and then and follow the store in instagram: instagram.com/anetteolzonsvintagestore

In the sun

Sunday before Mio´s party I put on some comfy mom jeans, sneakers and a fur poncho and took my boys and the neighbors son out in our back yard for some bike riding=) Lovely spring weather this weekend!


Monday, March 28, 2016

Mio´s b-day party

Yesterday it was my little Mio´s birthday and he turned 3 years old=) Wow, time flies and its incredible how my last little baby now is so big=)

We celebrated with the closest family and friends and he was so happy for all the gifts and attention and today he is busy playing with all the trains and cars he got yesterday!

Here´s some of the table for the party and I got lovely anemone flowers that are just incredible and I put them in my lovely candle holder/vase from KLONG. I wish for this one in the gold version when I have my birthday this year=)

The table cloth is new from IKEA and their summer collection. 

Also planted new flowers for our balcony cause now its really spring here=)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Put a belt on

Todays fashion tip: 

Place a belt in your waist to add a feminine touch to your clothes.

Here 3 looks from & OTHER STORIES that I love and the brown belt is perfect!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I love the new flared shorter "kick" jeans model and these from H&M are super nice!

Team them with a pair of sneakers for a casual outfit.

Jeans and coat H&M, top HUNKY DORY, sneakers ADIDAS SUPERSTARS

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yellow is NOT mellow

Yesterday I went to school and I felt like wearing some yellow since I love the color and it makes me happy=) Its also one of the fashion colors this spring so a good choice even so.

Black coat and bag GINA TRICOT, jeans H&M, yellow coat ZARA, shoes ADIDAS

And some lovely nature photos too=)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring picks

Oh even if the sun isn't up every day and spring here totally I DO feel its on its way and why not dream about those days by looking at some nice new spring fashion details I´d love to wear=)

1. silver boots by DORATEYMUR

Sunglasses by LINDEX

Jacket from H&M




Even if its still quite cold I have taken out my bomber jacket from H&M that I bought last year. Perfect over sized so I can fit some layers underneath to keep me warm=)

Bomber jacket H&M, jeans DSQUARED2, shoes ZARA, shirt JULIE FAGERHOLT, bag and scarf GINA TRICOT

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yet another borrow

Well hello Saturday! Here its a bit cold and foggy also today which is a bit boring since all I want is to be out all day with the kids but well, I am sure the REAL warm spring will be here soon!

Went with Mio to the playground on thursday afternoon and took some fast shots of my outfit and also that day I borrowed something from my dear Johan´s closet=) A lovely GUCCI jacket I bought for him some years ago and its really cool!

Since its a bit cold still I use layers and I teamed it with yellow knit from H&M, jeans from COS, black top from ZARA, sneakers from ADIDAS,  bag GINA TRICOT and sunglasses RAY BAN

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring feelings

Yesterday even though among with the sunshine there came some hail it felt like spring is here! And I went out and used the lovely sun to finally take some outfit photos again=)

I love a pair of jeans Johan has from DONDUP so I borrowed them=) Boyfriend fit is perfect when it comes to borrowing jeans from your boyfriend or husband!

Jeans DONDUP, bag and vest GINA TRICOT, sunglasses H&M TREND, shoes H&M, military jacket NOLITA and blouse ZARA

Friday, March 04, 2016

A new piano cover finally=)

check it out!

Budget vs luxury

So I have seen a cool pair of shoes from GUCCI in gold but they are of course really expensive and a "crazy" shoe like that is not something I´d put so much money into. BUT then I found a budget version at H&M that works really well and yesterday I had them on for the first time=)

Comfy and cool and LOW price - we like!

down to the left the original GUCCI ones and then the budget H&M up left and to the right.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

When things happen

Hi all,

Hope you all are OK and thanks for all lovely and kinds messages to me in here and elsewhere the past week! I feel better and still have some pain in my head but all is well so can be muscular tensions and I am sure they´ll fade with time=)

The event that happened was a shock for me and things like that can toss around our whole universe and in the blink of a second we can see that life is so fragile and can end at any moment.

I´ve been a victim of a crime before when I was young of a worse situation, but of course this event made that one re-occur and for that I am going to a therapist now to talk about these things. I believe its important to go through these things cause even if you survive with no deeper physical damages the inner you can be hurt and give you scars that make you afraid of living. And no one want to walk around being scared cause life is NOW and need to be LIVED to the fullest while we can!

What make me angry and sad are also that there are people who are mentally ill that are walking the streets and can hurt so many and when they also do drugs, take medicines and such they are even more dangerous. 

To ME, to YOU, to our CHILDREN, to our PARENTS, to our PARTNERS and so on.

I also have always really hated drugs and those who use them and this event of course didn't make me see upon them in a more compassionate way. 

Sorry to say that but we all have a CHOICE what we do in life and if you take drugs that is YOUR CHOICE! 

After what happened I have also started to think about if I am on the right path in life studying to be a nurse or if I shall move into another direction. Before these studies I wanted to work within psychology and people more in the context of the brain but then I chose to pursue to be a nurse and then in the future to be a manager within caring. Now I don't know and I am taking steps to see if I shall go back and take a degree within behavioral science instead that I aimed for and have almost a degree, in so lets see what I decide for.

But I do know that we all need to be aware of that life can change in a second! Most of the people walking around this Earth are GOOD people, yes they are and I still believe so, BUT we need to be careful out there so the others don't bring us down.

Now time to write a school work but just wanted to give you a life sign from me=)

Love and light


This song is the one I want to win Swedens Eurovision entry this year and I LOVE the lyrics and the singer is super good!!

HUMAN with Oscar Zia