Friday, March 04, 2016

Budget vs luxury

So I have seen a cool pair of shoes from GUCCI in gold but they are of course really expensive and a "crazy" shoe like that is not something I´d put so much money into. BUT then I found a budget version at H&M that works really well and yesterday I had them on for the first time=)

Comfy and cool and LOW price - we like!

down to the left the original GUCCI ones and then the budget H&M up left and to the right.


Hep-Hep Steff said...

the gucci does look a little bit better.... but the h&m are lovely, too, and quite affordable as well. i have the same thoughts when i have to buy any kind of clothes. i found them expensive, no matter what. for most of my clothes (save for my sarouels that i found online), i buy them in a thrift shop i love, emmaüs. gently used, for a very low pric. that's how i ended with a yves saint lauren trench coat, vintage but brand new, for 15 euros! or my actual purse, snake skin leather on the outside and soft leather (goat?) on the inside, very gently used, for 50 cents... i have found some very beautiful things, from all over the world, for very low prices.

A lição de hoje... said...