Thursday, March 03, 2016

When things happen

Hi all,

Hope you all are OK and thanks for all lovely and kinds messages to me in here and elsewhere the past week! I feel better and still have some pain in my head but all is well so can be muscular tensions and I am sure they´ll fade with time=)

The event that happened was a shock for me and things like that can toss around our whole universe and in the blink of a second we can see that life is so fragile and can end at any moment.

I´ve been a victim of a crime before when I was young of a worse situation, but of course this event made that one re-occur and for that I am going to a therapist now to talk about these things. I believe its important to go through these things cause even if you survive with no deeper physical damages the inner you can be hurt and give you scars that make you afraid of living. And no one want to walk around being scared cause life is NOW and need to be LIVED to the fullest while we can!

What make me angry and sad are also that there are people who are mentally ill that are walking the streets and can hurt so many and when they also do drugs, take medicines and such they are even more dangerous. 

To ME, to YOU, to our CHILDREN, to our PARENTS, to our PARTNERS and so on.

I also have always really hated drugs and those who use them and this event of course didn't make me see upon them in a more compassionate way. 

Sorry to say that but we all have a CHOICE what we do in life and if you take drugs that is YOUR CHOICE! 

After what happened I have also started to think about if I am on the right path in life studying to be a nurse or if I shall move into another direction. Before these studies I wanted to work within psychology and people more in the context of the brain but then I chose to pursue to be a nurse and then in the future to be a manager within caring. Now I don't know and I am taking steps to see if I shall go back and take a degree within behavioral science instead that I aimed for and have almost a degree, in so lets see what I decide for.

But I do know that we all need to be aware of that life can change in a second! Most of the people walking around this Earth are GOOD people, yes they are and I still believe so, BUT we need to be careful out there so the others don't bring us down.

Now time to write a school work but just wanted to give you a life sign from me=)

Love and light


Hep-Hep Steff said...

so lovely to read you! i'm freshly out of a tooth abscess, still groggy by the meds, and the tooth itself will be taken out next week... my left cheeck was swollen up to my lips, and it was quite close to my left eye. curiously, i do not have pain the day i woke up with that swelling, it was the day after i experimented it. not as frightening as your experience, though....
i hope you will found the right path for you. i think you would be a good nurse, but i also think you would be a good therapist. but if you feel you would do a better job and be more helpful in a certain way, then i guess you'll have the good one.
hugs & love from the bottom of my heart <3

Anonymous said...

Big hugs and support! :) You are an even bigger and stronger woman than you were just years ago.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better, what an awful experience to have to go through.
I'm sure you will make the right decision that it right for you with your studies :)
sending lots of love
Sarah xx

Lichtgestalt said...

Thanks for the life sign, Anette! I was really worried about you. :/
Still seems unbelieveable to me what happened to you. Seriously, how could someone do such a thing to others? It's not hard to respect another person. But I won't dwell into it. Life is good after all and we must focus on the bright side.
Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, emotionally and physically.
Love and light to you too, dear. ♥

María Arranz said...

Hi lovely Anette. I feel really sorry for the violence act you've had to face and for all the mental trouble that you can find in this situation. You always make me feel positive and full of energy when things get difficult as a student and a person. Also, now you're keeping positive wibut I want you to know that I admire your couragement. I hope you feel better and tell us your studies decision if you want :) Thank you for your posts <3<3

María Arranz said...
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María Arranz said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

" What make me angry and sad are also that there are people who are mentally ill that are walking the streets"

What happened to you is terrible and this person is awful, but what you wrote is awful too. I spent all those years loving you, what you say, what you sing both in Nightwish and in solo, standing up for you against haters, well my mistake since I'm one of those "monsters" suffering from mental illness. I'm one of those people who have been in hospital too many times, who have seen too many therapists to try to survive because we're suffering from a disease we didn't choose. You made a choice too, you chose to not make the difference between agressors and HUMANS BEINGS suffering from A DISEASE they DIDN'T CHOOSE. Please while recovering from this awful experience, go learn what mental illness is, go talk to people fighting every day for their lives and after that if you still can't make the difference between us and agressors, it's really sad for you.

Unknown said...

Blackcoldnumbers: Sorry if I offended you but I do not change my point of view that if you have a serious mental illness, taking drugs and being dangerous, you shouldn't be out walking the streets hurting others and even killing people. So if you feel I´ve let you down feel free to choose to follow another person cause this is my view and that day when you have been a victim TWICE to serious crimes where the offenders have been mentally ill, you can come and talk to me again. Take care!