Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New bag

So I long for a new lovely bag to my collection and since its gonna be my 45th birthday this summer -  here´s my favorites to celebrate that with=)

New summer collection from LOUIS VUITTON and here´s my new favorite NEVERFULL

Or a GUCCI Dionysos in one of these colors

Or a CHLOÈ Faye bag=)

Leo love:=)

My favorite diet supplements

Hi all and happy wednesday!

Cant believe that we have had SNOW here again and even if its been mixed with rain its kinda sad since I really loved to wear lighter clothes. But they say its gonna stop raining and be sunny and warmer this weekend so I hope so!

Thought I´d share my best diet meals and products with you today for inspiration.

Here´s my favorite protein powders and I use powders without lactose since I am lactose intolerant but if you´re not you can of course use the regular whey protein powders.

This is a favorite and my favorite tastes are cookies & cream and Lemon cheesecake=) I buy this from GYMGROSSISTEN.

A new really good egg white proven from Fitnessguru is also my favorite. Gives my smoothies a really fluffy texture!

In my morning smoothies I also add some creatine and this is good to achieve more when exercising.

I get this from GYMGROSSISTEN


I rarely eat protein bars since most of them hide a lot of sugar in them and I do not eat sugar anymore. BUT if I eat one its from QUESTBAR and the taste called chocolate cookie dough without sugar.

When going to the gym I drink BCAA which is essential amino acids and I love this one from FITNESSGURU with the taste of pear=)

If I need an extra energy booster before a gym session I drink this super drink called THE BUTCHER. Gives u incredible pump and energy!
I buy this too at GYMGROSSISTEN

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday music

Well why not some great music on this rainy Tuesday??=)

Little red shoes

Hi all,

Sorry for so late update with sundays photo session in the forest but been so busy!

But here they are! The forest is amazingly beautiful at the moment with all white flowers and the green and my red ballerinas from PRADA mixed right in=)

Shoes PRADA, dress H&M, pants and bag ZARA, jacket NOLITA,  ear rings LILY AND ROSE


Sunday, April 24, 2016


Some photos from our trip to the forest this friday=)

My man in all black=) Well except the sneakers hehe=)

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Well hello there=)

So weekend again and I´ve been quite busy this week with Mio having undergone surgery on thursday taking away the adenoid in his nose and putting in plastic tubes in his ears. All went well but the same day my mum had to do an emergency surgery too for her stomach and is still in the hospital so a bit of a lot to worry about.

I guess all things always happens at the same time and the same day we were at the hospital someone smashed our cars window. People just are so boring having no respect for other peoples stuff and as I´ve written before: sometimes you make BAD decisions and the person doing that clearly should think about what they do.

But all in all the days have gone well and all the worrying I had, the tears I´ve cried for Mio having surgery it went so well and he was such a BRAVE boy!

Now mum just need to be OK and then I will feel totally relieved=)

Love and light

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Todays inspiration

I just LOVE beige and nude tones for spring! Its such a lovely color and here are some inspo picks for today=)

photo from &


Hello hey=)

Well wednesday is here already! Weeks just flow by so fast and soon it will be summer=)

 SOOOO longing for that! Yesterday was a windy, cold and indoors day but today I woke up to a big SUNNY sky and I´ll head out for a morning run later and then some studying. 

I cut Johans hair yesterday in a cool and trendy hair cut with shaved sides and then longer up in the head and now both Seth and Nemo want the same, hehe! Let´s see if I want to cut of their hairs too=) I´ll post a photo of Johans hair later.

If you didnt know it, I am a hairdresser too. Love to cut hairs and maybe one day I´ll open a little salon working part time with that while having my other job too. Cause I like to do many things as u know=)

Hope you´ll have a great day and I´ll take some photos today while being out so stay tuned!

Love and light,

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Luana and every other Nightwish the band fan

Dear Luana - no BAND ever is all about ONE person, you´re right!

 So therefore Tuomas isn't the most important person for NW either. Its a band - not a one man show.

 I did a lot in the band for those albums to sell so much being the singer and I have every right to be PROUD and write a post like this. But of course fans like you who love another singer or Tuomas have to come to their rescue and write me down. 

I am sure MY fans wouldn't act that childish the other way around. 

Next time - think a bit before you write here and if you believe Tuomas is ALL that matters - maybe he´d be better of solo? No musicians, no singer ALL him=) Sure would be fun to watch on stage!

Here´s Luanas post, enjoy it!

Blogger Luana Levi said...
Usually I don't write any comments, but this post makes me a litlle angry. "It speaks for itself", I mean, seriously?! What else does it show than the three most viewed Nightwishvideos on youtube? First of all, the music is Tuomases and Marcos. One reason, that they are viewed so often is definetly the singer change in that time, especially for Amaranth and Bye Bye Beautiful. And I dont really understand what Anette wants to show with that. Sure, you can be proud of your singing in Nightwish, but with a title like "speaks for itself" you bring a pretty passively aggressiv mood with it. I dont know what happend back then and I honestly dont care. As a huge nightwish fan I definetly know, that Tuomas is the genius behind all of that and as long as he writes the music, the singer is pretty irrelevant. Maybe I understood you wrong here, but if its how I read it, than honestly, get yourself together. Nightwish never was, never is and never will be the voice, but the music.

Speaks for itselves

Well how about the views for these songs with me and NIGHTWISH? 

Still the most viewed songs in youtube of ALL their songs=)

Proud and thank you to all my fans out there! Love you all!

AMARANTH- 82 498 788 million views!!!

BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL - 60 878 530 million views!!!

THE ISLANDER - 21 828 968 million views!!

Everything happens for a reason...

Hi all and a happy Monday!!

I´ve worked all weekend and then I had to finish a big paper for school so last night I worked all evening to get it ready. Then I woke up in the middle of the night in panic and felt I had forgotten to add one reference and rushed up and corrected it and now I hope the teacher won't give me a lower grade due to that! Well I am happy with the paper so fingers crossed!=)

On another note the above statement is so right and I feel that some people blame everything on bad luck or a bad childhood and so on to justify that they make stupid things in their adult life. They victimize themselves and can't see that its THEIR own responsibility to make a change if they want their life to be different. 

Sure, life can be horrible and I am not talking about getting a horrible illness here or something, rather more if you choose to use drugs or do a criminal act. You all know what happened to me a while ago, being beaten down and robbed and thats an example of when you make a really bad decision and you should had made a better one.

Cause every action in life has consequences and I believe we all have a choice to decide HOW that life should be. If you decide to do BAD things - then you made that choice and YOU need to respond to what outcome it will have.

The same thing about civil courage. IF you decide to stand by when someone gets bullied, beaten, robbed, killed, hurt and so on and DO NOTHING, then that´s a decision you have to live with and stand up for. IF I knew who the 2 men were that stood by and did nothing to help me, I would had told the police and hoped they would had to answer to them. What we DO is our own choice, yes, but if I see someone that need help I would NEVER turn away! Any help can do and I hope for a law to come that we HAVE TO help a person in trouble!

Same if someone is bullied in your school or working place and you decide to let it go on without saying something to the bullies. THAT is also not having civil courage. Its our responsibility as good people to say that that´s not OK! Cause if you don't - you are also bullying that person no matter if you say or do something yourself.

Cause do we REALLY want a world where people DO NOT CARE about each other? Where someone can pass a girl getting raped - who screams for help - and still just walk by?


Take a stand and think about if it was YOU who lied there or your mum, dad, child, sister, brother, best friend, grandmother, grandfather, co-worker…

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hi all,

Sitting here in the early morning ready to go to work while the rest of the family is sleeping. I like the silence in the mornings, hearing the birds outside singing and then when I drive my car to work the streets are totally empty. Sundays are a nice day to sleep in but also a nice day to work=)

I got the strangest comment here and I didn't publish it cause I didn't understand it at all but someone got upset about my last post about work and thinking I bullied and mocked the disabled?? Ehum, where did anyone read that in?

I said I don't like to be LAZY and laziness means for me, being ABLE to do anything but deciding to do NOTHING.

So a disabled person that can't run or move and so on hasn't chosen that and therefore are not LAZY!

I work with ill people in the hospital, I NEVER judge a person for being overweight, disabled or whatever! Then I wouldn't study to be a nurse would I?

Its strange that no matter what I would write about, SOME people always find something to overanalyze and put there own lack of confidence on me. Sad and instead of being a victim in life - start accepting your life situation or try and make a change.

Now off to work!

Love and light,

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Work work work work work...

Hi all!

I´m home after a day working at the hospital that I do appr. every second weekend. Love it and I really like my coworkers=)

The only hard thing is the early wake ups! I go up at 05 and start working 06.45 so very early and last night Mio kept me awake so only slept 3 hours. And early work tomorrow too so I am sure I´ll pass out here on the couch early tonight.

And I also have a big school paper that needs to be finished tomorrow evening so I am a bit stressed but thats also a challenge=)

Many ask me: how can you manage all the things? School, work, exercise and so on. And I like to have stuff to do and I actually hate sitting around doing nothing for to long. I like to relax for sure but I also need to do things to feel good. I get quite depressed if I am without anything to do for a long time.

That was one of the hardest things for me when touring. I couldn't stand the boring just doing nothing. We just sat in the bus or lied sleeping in the bus all day waiting for 1.5 hour of playing. I am not made to be lazy so it didn't suit me.

But we are all different and we all have different lives and wishes so my way of life is not the one maybe for you but we need to do what WE like=)

Here´s some of my outfits the last days and a lovely sky I photographed yesterday!

Friday, April 15, 2016

And all of a sudden...

… life became incredibly positive again=)

Yesterday was a day filled with nice surprises and I am excited and so happy again! It´s strange with life that some days are soooo negative, so hard and you feel like everything goes against you and then the next day it can be the total opposite with only positive vibes the whole day.

I guess that´s why life is so special and to embrace both ups and downs and hope that the good days are more than the bad days. 

Enjoy this friday - I am still sitting with a massive paper for school and going to sit down with my girls for studying, coffee and of course some chit chat in between=)

Have a blessed day!

Love and light,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Morning walk

Took a nice long power walk this morning to get some fresh air and the head ready for todays school work. I love to walk by the ocean and hear the roar of the sea, it gives me calmness in mind and body and energy and a clearer head. Little things that make no sense fades away and the bigger things like appreciation that I walk this beautiful Earth and all the things I have and love take its place=)

And spring is here with all the lovely flowers like these yellow ones=)