Friday, April 15, 2016

And all of a sudden...

… life became incredibly positive again=)

Yesterday was a day filled with nice surprises and I am excited and so happy again! It´s strange with life that some days are soooo negative, so hard and you feel like everything goes against you and then the next day it can be the total opposite with only positive vibes the whole day.

I guess that´s why life is so special and to embrace both ups and downs and hope that the good days are more than the bad days. 

Enjoy this friday - I am still sitting with a massive paper for school and going to sit down with my girls for studying, coffee and of course some chit chat in between=)

Have a blessed day!

Love and light,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

all i could say is you are wonderful and inspiring... thank you. <3

Unknown said...

Hello Anette! Thats so true. How do you managet that? Family, Friends, Childreen and Study. Thats so much. You are a very strong lady. Enjoy your weekend and have a nice evening. Hugs too you 💜👍

Karin said...

Life is full of contrasts. We wouldn't notice or feel the good things if we don't go through bad things

- Studera flitigt :)