Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hi all,

Sitting here in the early morning ready to go to work while the rest of the family is sleeping. I like the silence in the mornings, hearing the birds outside singing and then when I drive my car to work the streets are totally empty. Sundays are a nice day to sleep in but also a nice day to work=)

I got the strangest comment here and I didn't publish it cause I didn't understand it at all but someone got upset about my last post about work and thinking I bullied and mocked the disabled?? Ehum, where did anyone read that in?

I said I don't like to be LAZY and laziness means for me, being ABLE to do anything but deciding to do NOTHING.

So a disabled person that can't run or move and so on hasn't chosen that and therefore are not LAZY!

I work with ill people in the hospital, I NEVER judge a person for being overweight, disabled or whatever! Then I wouldn't study to be a nurse would I?

Its strange that no matter what I would write about, SOME people always find something to overanalyze and put there own lack of confidence on me. Sad and instead of being a victim in life - start accepting your life situation or try and make a change.

Now off to work!

Love and light,


blackberry79 said...

Hi from Italy, mee too I have to work today!!!! so, we both...have a nice day!!!! :D

Hep-Hep Steff said...

geez, some people! i just read your other post and saw nothing wrong about it... and i'm disabled, physically and psychologically. apparently you're a very active woman, if you feel happy like this then it's great! i'm more the kind of quiet woman who like to enjoy reading a good book while drinking a hot tea and/or listening music... that world would be very boring if we were all the same. but even being quiet and disabled, i enjoy doing the things i still could do. sadly, some people will only focuse on the bad things, and will do everything they could to put other people down. be glad you are not khloe kardashian, there is some haters on her fb page who are plain nasty, and feel they have every rights to be like this because she is a public figure. i'm sorry you had to deal with a jackass one more time....
hugs & love <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Now that's really strange and doesn't make any sense. Everyone who reads only a bit about you would know that you would never mock anyone. I don't know who this commentator was, but that's ridiculous and he or she should deal with you more before writing nonsense. But I guess there will always be people who actually read what they want to read and to twist your words... best to ignore them, as you did with not posting that comment.

I wish you a very nice sunday and a good time at work :). And have a great start into the new week tomorrow. Lots of hugs and light!

Karin said...

I like early mornings in spring and summer. When it is light, empty everywhere, no traffic, and you only hear the birds. In wintertime when it is dark and cold...that's a whole different story :)

- Hmmm... People are strange sometimes, with weird thoughts...