Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Some days….

Hi all,

Do you, as me, have days when you wish you just went back to bed and woke up tomorrow instead?

Well, today is, for me, such a day. Stupid people coming my way all day long making me sooo tired and angry and also with that feeling of wanting to just cry.

I have gotten rid of almost ALL the negative energies in my life the past years but some are hard to get rid off. I have one wish and that is for those to vanish and be GONE from my life forever!

So if any of you have any good magic in you - put a nice positive spell on me today and get rid of my negative energies so I can feel happy again=)

OR I´ll just go to bed and wake up to a brighter day tomorrow=)

Either goes I guess? hehe!

(Picture borrowed from Tumblr)

Love and light,


Unknown said...

today is almost over now so you've made it and now you can look to tomorrow :)
I keep thinking that as well but actually no one else should make your day bad as they are not worth it, don't let them ruin it!
Sarah xx

Hep-Hep Steff said...

if only these bad thoughts could go away forever, it would be great.....