Monday, April 18, 2016

Everything happens for a reason...

Hi all and a happy Monday!!

I´ve worked all weekend and then I had to finish a big paper for school so last night I worked all evening to get it ready. Then I woke up in the middle of the night in panic and felt I had forgotten to add one reference and rushed up and corrected it and now I hope the teacher won't give me a lower grade due to that! Well I am happy with the paper so fingers crossed!=)

On another note the above statement is so right and I feel that some people blame everything on bad luck or a bad childhood and so on to justify that they make stupid things in their adult life. They victimize themselves and can't see that its THEIR own responsibility to make a change if they want their life to be different. 

Sure, life can be horrible and I am not talking about getting a horrible illness here or something, rather more if you choose to use drugs or do a criminal act. You all know what happened to me a while ago, being beaten down and robbed and thats an example of when you make a really bad decision and you should had made a better one.

Cause every action in life has consequences and I believe we all have a choice to decide HOW that life should be. If you decide to do BAD things - then you made that choice and YOU need to respond to what outcome it will have.

The same thing about civil courage. IF you decide to stand by when someone gets bullied, beaten, robbed, killed, hurt and so on and DO NOTHING, then that´s a decision you have to live with and stand up for. IF I knew who the 2 men were that stood by and did nothing to help me, I would had told the police and hoped they would had to answer to them. What we DO is our own choice, yes, but if I see someone that need help I would NEVER turn away! Any help can do and I hope for a law to come that we HAVE TO help a person in trouble!

Same if someone is bullied in your school or working place and you decide to let it go on without saying something to the bullies. THAT is also not having civil courage. Its our responsibility as good people to say that that´s not OK! Cause if you don't - you are also bullying that person no matter if you say or do something yourself.

Cause do we REALLY want a world where people DO NOT CARE about each other? Where someone can pass a girl getting raped - who screams for help - and still just walk by?


Take a stand and think about if it was YOU who lied there or your mum, dad, child, sister, brother, best friend, grandmother, grandfather, co-worker…


Unknown said...

Thats so true. I hate it when people ran away and do nothing. When I see that a person need help, I go and help this person. I see it often in the bus or train that a old women or man came in and can not sit. No one get up and let this person sit, no one help then to go out of the bus or train. I hate this. We get all old everyday and then we need maybe help. So I think the people have to open her eyes more for people who need help. When we need help, then we are also happy when a person see that and help us. You have so right with that what you rote. Take care and hugs too you

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i'm with you. i have been bullied countless time at school, and nobody who witnessed it did anything to help me or talked with teachers. i'm paying a very dear price with mental health issues, because when my father abused me in every ways but incest (but make a false testimony in favor of my rapist), when i tried to told it at my school they believed my father and not me.... when someone have to deal not only with asperger (on autism spectrum) but also with borderline and ptsd, it's kind of hellish, everyday and for the rest of your life. still, i know the kind of things i should not do or tell... and i know when i need to take some actions, too. even if because of my issues it would only be online, i stand for what i believe to be right.