Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello hey=)

Well wednesday is here already! Weeks just flow by so fast and soon it will be summer=)

 SOOOO longing for that! Yesterday was a windy, cold and indoors day but today I woke up to a big SUNNY sky and I´ll head out for a morning run later and then some studying. 

I cut Johans hair yesterday in a cool and trendy hair cut with shaved sides and then longer up in the head and now both Seth and Nemo want the same, hehe! Let´s see if I want to cut of their hairs too=) I´ll post a photo of Johans hair later.

If you didnt know it, I am a hairdresser too. Love to cut hairs and maybe one day I´ll open a little salon working part time with that while having my other job too. Cause I like to do many things as u know=)

Hope you´ll have a great day and I´ll take some photos today while being out so stay tuned!

Love and light,


Unknown said...

Hi =))) A great day to you !!! we pouring rain! = (

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear Anette,
I'm hairdresser, very good job ;)
good luck for you if you have a questions don't hesitate to ask me ;)


ralu.poem said...

hey anette have a nice day too :) i'm sorry if i disturb you !! yes i kinda like your posts.