Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buy this song

Hi all,

October is the month for breast cancer and cancer where we all can make a difference buy supporting Cancer funds to get this horrible disease to disappear. I think most of us have been in touch with it through people close to us getting it or maybe even gotten it ourselves.

My grand mother Svea died way to soon from this disease and my mum is now well from her disease so for me, it´s so important to fight cancer. 

One thing we all can do is to buy the below song in iTunes. It´s a song a 18-year young boy recorded before he died last year. By buying it you support the Cancerfund.

Let´s together fight and say "Fuck cancer"!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The calm before the storm

Hi all,

This monday is mainly about awaiting the storm/hurricane that´s coming in from Great Britain later today. When Seth was a little boy and I lived in my house, we had the hurricane Gudrun coming and boy, she came! We had a party with our friends and I was in the kitchen, preparing a fondue for us. 

It was a total hurricane outside and Seth was so scared and asked me: 
-Mum, is it dangerous?

- No, we´re safe here inside our house. It´s built of bricks and we have a strong roof so no worries little one;=)

Well, almost directly after I had calmed him down, there was a sound so LOUD above us and then the biggest bangs and we all got so scared and rushed to the windows! We saw our roof bricks literally blow off our roof and down to the ground where they almost hit our two cars and the neighbours cars. So close that all the cars were damaged but luckily the bricks fell on their sides...

The next day we walked out to see the destruction and how many bricks we had lost and it was 85 bricks who feel that night from our roof! None of the other houses were damaged but since my house was the corner house and had no houses on the sides or back, only a big field, the hurricane took a hold of the roof and the building company had made the mistake of placing our roof bricks in the wrong direction on the very top, which led to them being easy to blow off. 

Thankfully no one got hurt and when we then read about other parts further up in Småland in Sweden and all the trees that fell, making so many loose their trees and money, our roof felt like a tiny thing to talk about. But the scare we all felt when that hurricane swooshed away our roof bricks - that I´ll never forget!

Let´s just pray and hope that this hurricane coming won´t make such big damage as Gudrun did to our country. And I hope Great Britain will manage and cope without to much damage too.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A warm friday;=)

Hi all and happy Saturday!

Today we´re having a BIG family party at mum´s house with the whole family and I am so happy that my older sister and her daughters have come down from Stockholm to join us! I am sure it will be a great evening;=) 

Yesterday it was a lovely Friday with warm winds and perfect weather and again, not like autumn at all. So I took Mio in the pram and walked and walked for hours. We were in the forest, by the sea and in the city. So a great day and even greater since I had the opportunity to take amazingly beautiful photos;=)

Here you go - Friday´s photo session:

Walked up to our Medieval tower called KÄRNAN cause it was just a perfect sky for taking nice photos of it for you. Here you can read more about KÄRNAN and if you´re visiting you should enter it and walk all the stairs up to the tower to get an amazing view!

KÄRNAN is situated high up in the city and you can look down over the city centre and over to Helsingör, Denmark and here´s a view photo for you. Denmark is far behind the city hall which is the building with the Peter Pan tower;=) Boats go to Denmark every 20th minute so it´s easy if you´d like to work in Denmark for instance. To Copenhagen you take the train after the boat and it takes us 1 hour to get there. Easy and fast!

Here´s a close up over the City hall and tower:

KÄRNAN is also surrounded by a lovely park and there you can feed the ducks and listen to concerts in the summer time;=)

Found some lovely trees in the park and this one is lovely in its colors:

A close up and it´s so nice with the yellow and brown leaves mixed with the red berries:

Then we walked some kilometers to enter our forest which is called PÅLSJÖ SKOG. This forest is not the biggest but has good trails for running 2,5; 5 or 10 k´s for instance and you can walk or ride a bike from the city towards the castle SOFIERO. 

Some cool mushrooms are growing there and I love the colors of these!

Lovely sceneries high up looking down from the forest towards the sea shore:

There are benches so you can sit and look at the lovely views throughout this side of the forest that head towards the ocean;

As well as lovely sights inside the forest. Lots of leaves on the ground makes it look like a fairytale forest now:

Small waters are floating here and there:

And this lovely avenue leads up to the "pink castle" in the middle of the forest. I felt like a princess so had to take a photo:=)

Up in the forest there´s the Crematory where also a big memorial and cemetary is situated and there´s this lovely pond with lots of ducks and other birds in it. A truly lovely place to rest after this life

Mio, just like me, loves to be in the forest and laughs all the time when the leaves are moving, birds are singing and he can feel the warmth of the sun slipping through the tree tops. For me, being in the forest has been so calming ever since I was a child and mum always took us to the forest in the weekends and we had our dog and cat with us;=) Fun memories!

One of the best things with my city HELSINGBORG is the contrast. That you can walk from the city centre to a big forest, then down to the sea and back to the city centre. You get it all in just some kilometers of walking or bicycling,=) So after the forest we walked down to the ocean where we had a diaper break in the public toilet (another great thing with my city) and some fruit for Mio by the sea;=)

After the sea we walked by the small boat harbour:

And then I had a nice hamburger for lunch in the companionship of these small little birds who got some bread from me;=)

And then home to our back yard where this lovely pumpkin greeted us! Halloween soon;=)


Thursday, October 24, 2013


Good evening;=)

I hope your day has been good, as mine have;=)

Here´s my photos from today:

On my morning walk, I took some photos again and below is a snapshot from our City Hall. A magnificent and a bit Gothic in its architecture:

Continued walking by our city theatre where this nice avenue surrounds the side of the building:

And this is where I photographed those red berries some days ago:

This stair looked so lovely with the green sides and the yellow-brown leaves on the steps:

Looked up and there she was - the moon;=) Still up even if it was daytime. Lovely;=)

It was a bit cold to walk today so after 1 hour I went to Waynes coffee and had a coffee and some breakfast:

In the afternoon me, Nemo and Mio played around in our backyard and Nemo picked leaves in a bouquet:

Lots of leaves to play with now:

Mio sat in the pram checking out his big brother´s leaves chase:

Nemo giving his big brother some love;=)

Sun showed itself behind the roof tops:

Picking leaves is exhausting so Nemo took a break on the table:

Blue blue sky:

And todays shoe in the leaves photo and my outfit for today:
Boots Mexicana:

Gloves Gina Tricot:

Coat Marni:

Jeans Please:

Scarf Rude riders:

Ear rings bought at Illum in Copenhagen:

Brosch I got from my dear grandmother:

Now sleep well my dear ones and let the sun shine in your dreams;=)