Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Hi all,

I love to talk with older wiser women who can give me life advices and wisdom, knowing they have lived almost the double amount of years than I have. Yesterday in my fish store, getting salmon for dinner, me and the wise lady who owns the shop talked about living life, coloring our hair in crazy colors and children and I felt like she could be me when I´m 30 or 40 years older from now cause we had many similarities:-)

She said:

- I´ve had every hair color there is in my life. I love color and think it´s so fun seeing myself with a crazy hair color on!

- I´ve always loved wearing short skirts but now being this old it feels like I shouldn´t anymore:-)

- I have 3 sons and now when I´m older I feel I should had tried one more time to get a daughter cause I´ve always felt sad I never got a daughter:-(

- Live life fully! Have fun and enjoy it!

And she said to me: go and try get a daughter:-) Ehum...

She also in all these things meant what I feel as important:

Be yourself no matter what cause it´s your life and we only have ONE!!


Anix said...

Hi Nettie!
Oh, this is so sweet, that lady really seems an older you. But I wish you'll have a girl too. Nice pearls of wisdom.

Unknown said...

true true....we have to enjoy every day (carpe diem philosophy :-))

linnea-maria said...

Jag har också bara pojkar. Men jag är så glad för de barn jag har. Min kropp kan nog inte bära fler barn så jag är glad över bonusdottern jag fick för några år sedan :)

Aline said...

You're right, totally agree with you :)

Enjoy your life and don't care about people can think of you :)

Kisses and hugs !

Laetitianne said...

So, will you try to have a daughter? ;-)

Have a nice afternoon.


Lucinda said...

A bit weird, but also funny to see your "older me", haha! This is not something you get to see everyday.

As for trying to have a daughter by any means, well it might not be good to get pregnant because you'd want a girl. I think it's a bit sad for the kid if it ends up being a boy... If one really wants a girl I advise to adopt, so one gets to make a lonely child happy :) I'm not telling you what to do though, three boys with different ages is a lot already ;)

Vinga said...

I think we all wish you a daughter yet, sons are cool but girl is girl and belive me... Johan going crazy about her :D Because it's always daddy's girl ;)

Wall said...

what about adoption? Could be a beautiful experience and it would inspire a lot of people :)

Unknown said...

To you all: I don´t think I have time for more children;=) But adoption could be a wonderful thing for sure;=) Let´s see what life says! Take care now!

Dalma said...

Well, you are more than twice as old as me. :D So tell me some wise words.

"Be yourself no matter what cause it´s your life and we only have ONE!!"
Yeah, that's what I think of when I can't decide what to do. When I wonder what people would think. Normally, I take the other side and try to behave as people expect me to do.
On Sunday I turned 20 and I realized how fast life went. I'd realized that earlier, too but now I decided not to keep waiting for everything. I'd kept saying: "I will do that later when I'm older." But how long do I want to wait, actually? Do I want to waste my whole life waiting?
So I try to change my attitude, but still there will be things I will never have the courage to do. And also, there are things one shouldn't do - even if they'd like to. The hardest thing to me is to find the boundary between those two.

Karin said...

I work with people of all ages : and each of tthem have their own wisdom.
The older have wise thoughts, experience, they like themselves and know themselves and are not afraid of being themselves. It is very " learning" to listen to what they have to say sometimes :) They are experts in life and living.
The younger are maybe a little bit bolder, are not afraid of using new technology, are maybe experts in their own " genre" but don' t know about life that much.
The children : well, they are yet " fresh" and innocent, have much to learn in everything, but oh so adorable with their own thoughts and questions, their "truthfullness" and willing to learn.
Yes, we can all learn something from eachother !

And Anette, you sure met the " older you " ! Put the blue hair , and leopard clothes there too, and there you have it :)

Anonymous said...

I love getting advice from someone older, it makes me very optimistic about life especially if they discuss about things that I am worried about, now or later down in life. I hope you are doing well and Nemo too! :)


Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding evangelical the only thing I can think of to add to this wonderful wisdom is not only to enjoy life but also to show respect to others! :-) Even if this possibly contradicts the ideal of being true to yourself and you just happen to be obnoxious one of the things I've always valued more than anything in a person is integrity! :-)

Océane said...

Then adopt me :p
I can deal with 2 mom and I dont have a father so it could work! Heheh! If you want you can brush my hair, pretending im a little girl! Ahah!
Do we have a deal?!

Love and Hugs

scatterwisdom said...

You may enjoy reading my novel because of your interest in wisdom. As a Lily Among Thorns - A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdomby Rudy U Martinka.

Available as an eBook for only $2.99. Nothing really is new under the sun.

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
Yeah, go and try a daughter. If I'd had three beautiful boys like yours I would try a daughter also. I think you're at your shining moment and deserve the best.
As I always used to say "sometimes we must close our eyes and ears to the world and just follow our hearts. If life goes right, it wil be amazing, if it doesn't, we have learned many things" so do what you want to do, what you need to do and be happy.

Love, Carol

Betty Blue said...

Very true, very true.
I always like to hear what older people can tell us. Whenever I have the time to do so, I take one or two of my older patients out of their rooms and to the balcony with me. I make tea and coffee for us and if they want it, I bring them a blanket, and then we can talk as long as I have time. Sometimes only twenty minutes, sometimes an hour. And they are always so thankful that I listen, and I am so thankful that they talk to me... I love working as a nurse.

Unknown said...

"Be yourself no matter what cause it´s your life and we only have ONE!!"

That is most certainly the best.

An owl came to you, old and wise, pierced right through your youth. You learned her ways, envied her sense...


Wishing you the best!

Magia Gelada said...

Hello Anette :)
It's nice to hear from you and read your posts.
I was checking the russian version of "Skating with the stars" and guess which song one of the couples was skating to? Something about October and April :p Hope you enjoy it :P

Unknown said...

"I'm living with colour every day." - Tarja, Lucid Dreamer ;-)

I agree with what you say here. At the end of the day, you only live once so live life to the full. That saying is cliche but true :-)

Unknown said...

I also think you should have a daughter Anette :-)

Unknown said...

This blog post is almost a month old, but I just wanted to leave a comment on it anyway.

Why not consider adopting a daughter from China? Because of the "one child" rule and other cultural reasons, many Chinese couples end up abandoning their daughters because they would rather have a son. I am sure you and your husband would be just as loving towards a child that wasn't genetically yours. :D