Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buy this song

Hi all,

October is the month for breast cancer and cancer where we all can make a difference buy supporting Cancer funds to get this horrible disease to disappear. I think most of us have been in touch with it through people close to us getting it or maybe even gotten it ourselves.

My grand mother Svea died way to soon from this disease and my mum is now well from her disease so for me, it´s so important to fight cancer. 

One thing we all can do is to buy the below song in iTunes. It´s a song a 18-year young boy recorded before he died last year. By buying it you support the Cancerfund.

Let´s together fight and say "Fuck cancer"!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s a very sad topic and I´m sorry for your grand mother. I also remember when you told us about your mum when she had the disease too. So great that she defeated it!

I don´t have an Itunes Account so far but I think about getting one to support the Cancerfund too, which is a really good thing I think. Thank you for sharing :).

Take good care of yourself please and have a nice day Anette :)


Pascal said...

I have I-tunes now and wanted to buy the song, but the search function doesn´t find it.


Betty Blue said...

Cancer is so horrible!
The department where I´m working in, ENT, we have a lot of cancer patients. Lung cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer... It is terrible to see a 24-year-old being not able to even whisper because she can´t move her tongue. An old man, happy and vivid the day he came to us, strapped to his bed because the operation in his throat left him mad for four days.
Also, my Dad is working against cancer, as well as dementia. I don´t have an iTunes-account but I´ll ask him to buy this song for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your grandmother and your own mother. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.

One of my female colleagues got breast cancer a couple of years ago. She's since received chemotherapy and undergone a mastectomy. And a few years before that one of my male friend's younger brother got testicular cancer which unfortunately then spread to his lungs so he had to receive chemotherapy.

Thankfully they're both ok now and both so far in the clear. Although the treatment used to combat the disease is very unpleasant even though it might be a necessity.

I will purchase the song.

Unknown said...

I´m sorry for your grandmother, my grandparents died on cancer too :-( so fuck cancer!

Unknown said...

I'm really sorry for this loss. I already bought it and beside of it, I'm researching a lot about breast cancer since I saw a documentary about it...
Maybe this sounds egoistical but I'm really afraid that it would happen to me. My grandmother had it too, but survived and died a normal death... but nevertheless I could be affected.
And, on an other note, was the storm as bad as you thought? Was it in your near anyway? I hope that everything is okay :)

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right ! Fuck dat disease ! With a capital F. I've lost my grandfather, and I know my grandmother will never recover. She stands thanks to the medicines... Thus I guess I may understand what you feel, at least for the loss of a kindred. Let's hope one day, we'll say : There will be no dawn for cancer !
Hoping your welfare, Thomas.

Lola said...

Dear Anette,

This is so right what you do and I support you. Let the God save you from that desease!

Talking about songs. Have you ever heard in Flames song "Come Clarity"? Years ago I tried to sing in my own way by adding some extra melodies that I found acceptable for that song. Then it got lost and tada, it just appeared yeatersay on my old flash usb. I wished you could here it. It's the last post of my blog or if it is more suitable for you to not visit it, i have a straight link to the file.

Wish you a really nice Thusday!

Bienvenback said...

Why he died? OMG so sad this disease! I'm with you, fuck cancer!!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I want to wish you and your family a happy halloween :). Have a nice evening now :).

Take always good care of yourself please and see you :).


Karin said...

My father suffered from cancer , twice... He survived it , but the treatments did so bad to his body and organs , so they gave him 10 years to live after the treatments . He got twelve. Miss him every day

lehPhotography said...


I encourage you to then check out this song by Violet.

Jessi's (vocalist) mother has cancer and she wrote this song for her. There are also links to more information. It's a very touching and sad, yet beautiful song and video.

<3 Lauren

Unknown said...

Hi -dear Anette i have a child and a women who are noise in the background i she often screams i hear that . But she said she's a sick girl !What advice would you give me , because I'm so sorry but i apology that, they can't be silent.I'm just struggling with a stress that my days are often noise in the background and yes is not my case any more to get angry and anxious because of everything!!!sorry rest in peace!

Unknown said...

Hi -dear Anette I'm just struggling with a stress that my days are often noise in the background and yes is not my case any more to get angry and anxious because of everything!!!sorry rest in peace!What advice would you give me for a stress??

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,

A very sad topic and since 7 years this disease stole a part of my life, even if it does'nt affect me personnaly.
An horrible disease...

Hum, I would like to tell you too that I did'nt receive the black dress... And the time is long :-(


Unknown said...

Anette ... My dad does medical monitoring after battling cancer in the bladder, they are "cured". My mother made ​​a major head surgery to remove a brain tumor and is well. Some people in my family have died of cancer and I know how much this disease enterfere forever in everyone's life. May God give strength to patients, families and the courage to love to be the reason to fight until the end. Kisses and hugs of solidarity!

Unknown said...

Anette ... listen to songs that are good for the heart and mind ... it helped me a lot in the most difficult moments of my life. His velvety voice, the timbre itself so sweet ... the darkness became the dawn of a better day. How can a song, a few minutes of magic that comes from inside of another person, do wonders and give breath to another person in another place in the world, invisible? Let's use the power that music has to unite, make it possible to love, thrill, revive, empower, give reason, feel, move, ... form a chain of actions to promote friendship and good, bring hope to troubled hearts ... sing, play, listen ... convey the right to receive all they want, wherever they are!