Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time flies

Hi all,

I can´t understand where my days go! They run so fast and I have so much to do all the time. No problem normally since I love to have lots of things to do, but at the moment Mio is in some kinda "disco mode" all night. He believes it´s party time whenever I turn off the light and put my head on my pillow. So I am really totally exhausted but there´s nothing to do. I have lots of stuff to do at the moment. I hope he´ll soon sleep all nights so I can get some sleep=)

Well, in between my working with my music today, I have taken some photos so the blog won´t be totally dark. Here´s some this and that from today;=)

While Mio rested, I was in bed with him listening and trying to decide which songs to have on my album. Tough choice but FUN!

I have started to do this hair do and it´s getting better and better every time. Fish bone braid;=)

Hmmm... I wonder when I´ll get to sleep? 

Really nice and warm weather today with 16 plus degrees, blue sky and SUN! Autumn? Nope, feels like spring today=)

We still have some really nice flowers growing in our back yard due to the warm autumn temperatures and for that I say: Thanks;=)

And since it´s warm Mio doesn´t all the clothes either but can use this red Polarn & Pyret overall that Nemo once had on;=)

There´s something about benches in the autumn. This one from our back yard;=)

Another lovely flower from the back yard

Blue sky!

Me and the pram;=)

Yeah, I know I look damn tired;=)

And a little outfit video for you;=)

Now enjoy this remaining day!


flyingfree__ said...

Hello lovely! :D
Hope you'll get some sleep soon.;) I can understand you 'cause at the moment I'm really tired too, but I have to stay awake and study and study more.:D
Your Fishtail braid looks awesome, On sunday I'd like to do it in the same way you have... let's see how it'll go.:D Kisses and Have a nice afternoon.:*

Vinga said...

Hmmm maybe tired but so lovely and beautiful. Last photo is the best!! Beauty!!

Take care and I hope so you'll be able to finally relax :*

Micha said...

In Germany in felt like spring, too. Really warm and I could run just in my T-shirt. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette ,it's nice to read that your are working hard in your music =).The pictures are beautiful with the flowers and the tree with leaves of different colours. Too bad that you lost your camera , I know you like it so I hope you found it soon but you take good pictures with your cellphone it has a good resolution too.I liked the outfit video, hehe you look adorable and the cerise colour really fits you.

The One Who Should Die said...

I can't wait until your album comes!!:)

Unknown said...

Those are very lovely flowers! Do you know the names?

Also, the braid looks awesome. My hair's too smooth and lazy to braid properly, so I'm always a bit envious of people who can style it like that. Ponytails and loose hair for me!

Hopefully Mio will fall into a regular sleeping schedule and you'll get some rest.

Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!

The One Who Should Die said...

If you want to, can you show how you do the Fish Bone Braid?:)

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Do you have any personal email address to send in some greetings or words to drop by!? I guess it won't be good if I will post it on the comments as I want it to convey it to you in private. :-)

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the season. And we can't wait for your solo work. Or you could drop me a line here.

Thanks and cheers,

Anonymous said...

My favourite lady Viking you are still beautiful even though you may be feeling tired in those photos! :-) x