Friday, October 11, 2013

Todays music and memories;=)

How I long to sing my songs again! I cried of joy during this first performance;=)

Great times ahead!


Océane said...

And how I long hearing you singing yours song. Watching me from afar also gave me tears and shivers.

Cant wait! <3
Love & Hugs

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Thx for posting this, Anette. It was so wonderful to hear your beautiful and calming voice again. I was even crying.
I love you, Anette, you are my angel! :-* I'm so looking forward to your solo album. :-)

Have a nice friday, my dear. Love,
Steffi <3

Anonymous said...

Floating is still my favourite of your solo songs! :-) It's really good that one! :-)

I can't believe your performance in Helsingborg was almost 1 year ago! :-)

To me it seems like 1 month ago!

Where is my life going?! :-) It's vanishing! :-) I'm going to be 35 in early Febuary! :-) Lol! :-D

Anonymous said...

Whaaat did I just read? :D Invincible? :o U going Carola? :D
I cannot watch this vid because I am at school but are u covering her or is it ur own song?

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
Those songs will be on your album?
I can't wait for this :D
I think that in first video music are very gooood ;)
Can you tell us whether your record will be maintained in such a romantic and fantastic atmosphere? The music is great as with a movie, you should just play with these musicians, great!

Love and hugs :* Love u so much!! :*

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
Wow !! I've really no words for qualify * Watching me from afar* And *like a show inside my head*
That's a really very wonderfull songs !
I hope see it in you're album ?
I wish one Day see you in stage !!
I so impatiente to listen you're album and now Again more !!
Thank you Anette for these such lovely and so wonderfull songs !
Is Perfect !!!
You're beet pregnant of how many months at this representation?
Big kisses and have a very wonderfull Day !!!

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Nettie!
I asm looking forward to hear you live and hear you upcoming album! Rises of inspiration to you!
With Love,

Anonymous said...

CAN YOU PLEASE release this album this year please? I'm wanting hear more of you Anette.

Have a great day, Ms. Sweetie Anettie! ;-)

Cheers from the Philippines,

P.S. I hope you can do another round of Fan questions! :)

Anix said...

Hi dear Anette!
Wow! I didn't know these songs, apart from "Invincible" and the other demos on your myspace. So you had already played them one year ago?!That's unfair! I totally missed them. Where did you hid them? :> So, we are waiting for your album!! I hope it will be out soon.
P.S.: I am deeply in love with "Invincible"; just letting you know. :o)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

I was really happy when you said that you played with a orchetsra,but Ihave to said that I was afraid of what was coming. But, when I listen to Watchingme for afar, GOD, I cried, its a beautifull song and since then I ahve complete trust in you music work.

karone said...

These are really great. Will buy your cd whenever it comes to the states.

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
That for postung your memories:)
The photo from your song "Like a show in my head" is this one on my Wall beside Tarja´s Poster;). And now we all know that little Mio was listering you:).

I can not wait to lestering your CD:)

Sleep well.


Karin said...

I am soooooo waiting for your solo-album! Your songs are good, and beautiful ! Feeling happy, and sad, and somehow touched at the same time :) Gives a good feeling !

FAQing Amazing said...

Seriously, I can't hear any of your songs without getting all emotional! You look so sweet and so like YOURSELF in Watching me from afar... and I sense some frustration and strong energy in Like a show inside my head. And Invincible... well, there's no words for it, I've been listening to that one since you uploaded it.

Taaja said...

I really like these songs.. and can't wait to hear 'Falling' .. only short demo isn't enough, hehe.. :)

And this Like a show inside my head is so nice..

THK said...

So beautiful! I've been listening to those songs before, but this time I got a really big "WOW" when I heard Like A Show Inside My Head. What a fantastic song and performance! I love all of them though. :)

And as always, I got lost in YouTube and I saw you singing Get Back by The Beatles. :) So wonderful! Was that the same night or another concert?

Good luck with finishing your solo album! Hope it comes out fast. Hugs!

Niwi said...

Hi Nettie :)

So... This year I broke with my (ex)girlfriend. We pass a long beautiful time together. We love each other so much... but the university and distance separate us. We broke in a mutual agreement, we both kiss for the last time, with the face broken by tears. I'm not habitualy tell my personal problems, I don't have idea why I'm writting this here. So... thank you for reading this, anyway :).

One of the last times we talk each other, I dedicate her your song "Watching Me From Afar". Seriously, every single time I hear your song, I cry. You write all my feelings like you was feeling the same. I know thats no real, but I want to thank you for your music. Your songs really complete a important part of our heart. I hope you never stop singing and releasing songs, because you have that superpower: Touch the people's hearts with your voice :) that's and incredible talent!

I'm very excited about your new album (and all the future albums you will release!).

Watching me From Afar will be forever one of my favourite songs, Nettie, thank you!

A sweet frutal-flavor hug!


AlessandraWilderness said...

I'm so curious about your solo album...and I'm sure it will be surprising!! have a great day, Nettieeeee :*

Unknown said...

Hi Anette I hope to see you in Rio de Janeiro soon. Kisses for you!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette, I adore your voice. The demo song "Invincible" makes me so excited to get your album next year! I really hope you come back to the states. I live in Illinois, USA and I would be super happy if you did tour here. (if you are planning on touring) You are such an amazing woman and I look up to you. Your style, how you have handled everything in the past year and your strong will. Keep up with your keeping up <3

Unknown said...

Loved the songs, Anette. Am I to assume they will be on your solo album? ;-)

Kaffetant said...

Otroligt vackert. Speciellt "Invincible". Din röst är så "skör" och vacker. Den skulle passa till gamla svenska visor.
På tal om det: En sång jag skulle älska att höra dig sjunga är "Himlen är så oskyldigt blå", då den är en av de vackraste svenska sångerna någonsin. Så oskyldig och bygger en sådan vacker bild: men ändå så vemodig. Det är finlandssvensken i mig som älskar dramat. ;)

(Jag undrar också en sak. Hur Vågar man börja sjunga? Jag är 26 år och vill så gärna börja med sång, men det är som om strupen snärjer sig. Det är svårt att släppa. Bara basen: Hur Börjar man?)

All lycka till dig! Peace.

Incredible beautiful. Especially "Invincible". Your voice is so "fragile" and beautiful. It would suit old swedish songs.
Speaking of that: A song I would love you to sing is "Himlen är så oskyldigt blå, since it is one of the most enchating and beautiful swedish songs I know of. It is so innocent and and paints a beatiful scenery, yet it is still very sad.
I guess it is the Finno-Swedish roots in me that longs for the drama. ;)

Have a great week! Peace.

linnea-maria said...

Jag tror att det är många som väntar på ett skivsläpp :) så även jag. Underbara sånger.

Lola said...

Dear Anette,

Thanks for posting your songs again. Had pleasure to listen to them once more. Talking about "Invincible" - my little son falls asleep hearing it. I am happy :) Btw recently Simone Simons gave birth to her son. She practices Hupnobirthing. Have you heard anything about it? My delivery was too painful this is why I found her way as a salvation and head to it now. i hope it really works if we try as hard as she did. Or maybe she is just too strong and healthy and all this gave her lots of power to smooth it all and make it really nice and calm.

Wish you a realy nice day!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
And I can't wait to hear you singing your songs again. My fav one is Invincible, but Watching Me From Afar touches me so deep too. I hope they are all in your solo =).
Have a beautiful week.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

These songs are so nice! I'm really eager to finally listen to your album. By now I thought "Floating" was the best :)

Unknown said...

These songs are so nice! I'm really eager to finally listen to your album. By now I thought "Floating" was the best :)