Thursday, October 03, 2013

Running and PT

Good morning everyone!

Finally I can see that Nemo is much better again after being ill since friday evening. We thought we would have to the doctor 2 days ago but then he got better from the fever and now all that´s left is a cough and rinny nose. Mio has gotten the cough and rinny nose too, but luckily no fever yet so fingers crossed;=)

I feel I have some bad luck when it comes to my Personal trainers;=( Lise, who were my PT before, quit fast and left me without a PT and then now I just started working with Alexander and BOOM- he is gonna stop working next week too;=( What the! 
But a new guy will be there training me soon but I must say I wonder if I smell or something;=) haha!

Well, until Alexander leaves we are doing 2 sessions a week so I get lots of good exercises to continue with until the new guy starts. Tuesday we worked on my breast, shoulders, back and triceps and tonight it´s legs time. I don´t like to do legs cause it make me so soar that I normally can´t run for some days and even if the gym is quite fun it´s running that´s MY love and what I prefer to do;=)

When it comes to running I try to improve my 5 k time every week and last week I did it in 28,33 and then yesterday - pushing myself - I did it in - tada! - 27.59!!!;=)

Last week:

And this week:

And here´s my total run:

Damn, I am proud of myself;=) 

I always do 2 more k´s after the fast 5 but then I do not run so fast but to do the k´s. This weekend I would love to do 10 k`s and see how my body responds to that, but let´s first see how much pain tonights leg session will give me;=)

If you want to start running, my tip is to start walking for some minutes, then run one minute, walk some more minutes, run another minute until you´ve done 20-30 minutes in total. Then do this for some weeks until you feel your legs want to run longer and longer and just do it! 

If you, like me, is a running spirit deep down, you´ll feel that it´s the best thing in life after a while;=)

I also reward myself now and then with some new running gear and here´s my new pants and running top I got from Gina Tricot some days ago:


Unknown said...

Hi Anette, you sporty girl,
I wonder how you manage to squeeze all that training into your day while having three kids? Including one baby??? I mean you started to work out at home quite early again after Mio's birth, long before the new PT came...
I got my little baby boy in May and still feel unable to do anything exept running around with him in the stroller. But exercise at home? When he is aslepp at night I am so exhausted that I just want to sleep, too... But unfortunately that is exactly what my body looks like... :-}
So - would you tell me and other desperate moms your secret?
Best regards,

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette, I see that you are on form physical appearance. It is a beautiful performance of running 5mn30 in the kilometer!You run in the forest? Congratulation.Have kept silent already tried to make a competition? To Helsingborg, can be that there are races nice?
Good training! Be strong!

Emmanuel (France)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that Nemo feels better!
3 weeks ago I started running, so thanks for your running advices!
You showed great running results, well done, Anette!
Your pants is cool ;)

Océane said...

Do they give you the reason why they stop working with you? :0 they dont know how lucky they are!!

Thats a pretty outfit for running! We need Gina Tricot in France!!
And yep you can be so proud!
Im surprising myself with loving the gym classes, as I never been a sport addict... Actually hated it! Now im enjoying every minutes :)
Hopefully this time i wont quit ! :)

Have a great afternoon!
Love & Hugs

erin said...

Hey Anette!Good morning too ^^,my name is Erick,I'm from brazil,I'm listening to a song from a band called Daughtry, you've already heard this band?,have a song that I think would look lovely in your voice

I hope U like it!
kisses and hug from Brazil

erin said...

Hey Anette!Good morning too ^^,my name is Erick,I'm from brazil,I'm listening to a song from a band called Daughtry, you've already heard this band?,have a song that I think would look lovely in your voice

I hope U like it!
kisses and hug from Brazil

Anix said...

Wow! I admire you so much! I think your time is awesome!
I loved running when I had a treadmill at home. My greatest success has been running for fifteen minutes (always been a lazy fat girl). Then my lovely treadmill broke. :( Now I found the sport of my life: boxing. When I was unemployed I used to go to the gym 5 times per week, but now I am again a lazy fat girl and don't go there that often. :S
And I miss the timers, the kms, those nice results that tell you that you're improving.
Thank you for your tips, I knew that is the right way to start and it's nice to see you believe the same. And thank you for being such a good example. It's important to make some exercise.

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Thank you for your tip, I hate running since the school ! But I love to walk and I'll probably try to run during one or two minutes then walk... And maybe I'll appreciate it ;-)
And of course my body needs it because I love chocolate and your dress ;-) Difficult choice !
Good evening,

Aline said...

Thank you for your run tip. I started to run again, yesterday, after long time, and it was quite difficult....but I will not give up, I'll continue to do it, with big smile ^^
You give me the motivation to do that, and I'll apply your run tip, for the next time.

Thank you so much sweetie !


matotu said...

Hi Anette!
It´s great you are keeping your body fit. Many people don´t have the will to do it. Keep going :-).