Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fitness dessert

Here´s a nice little fitness dessert we eat quite often and today I did a little more with it due to being Friday;=)

Fitness chocolate pudding for 2 persons:

2 cups of casein with chocolate flavor
appr. 1,5 dl of fat free milk
cold coffee for flavor
raw cacao nibs
some stevia if you want some sweetness to it

Put casein and milk in a bowl and stir with a spoon. Add some cold coffee and raw cacao nibs and put the bowl in the fridge for some minutes.

Mash a banana and add greek yoghurt as a topping. I also added some chocolate raisins on top.



Océane said...

Looks good! I have to try it!
As you like fitness and clean recipes, do you want me to send you 3 ebooks I bought?! Its only healthy recipes! :)
Tell me And I'll send you the copies this afternoon! :)

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! :-D Anette I just love the name 'Fitness Dessert'! :-D

And you've certainly made it appear very appetising! :-) It's looks so yummy! :-) I keep trying to put my hand through my laptop monitor to take one of the bowls out of the photo! :-D

A Fitness Dessert is just what I need right now after probably putting a pound on from eating in the Indian curry restaurant last night with my friend Rob! :-)

Very well done my favourite lady Viking, for creating such a scrumptious looking pudding! :-)

James Oakes said...

Omg how can you make chocolate pudding healthy for you? haha! What is casein? I've never heard of it before. Either way what you made looks really yummy so I may need to try it; and if it's healthy then that even more reason to try it :D

Have a lovely weekend! Best wishes, James x

Telajel said...

Hello, dear Anette. I'm a big fan of Indica, and recently I've noticed that the vocalist has the same ,,lion" belt as you on Dark Passion Play promo pictures. Was it some exchange? Did she bought it cause she liked yours? Do you still have contact with Jonsu? Thank you in advance, I've listened to live vershions of your new songs they're truly amazing!

Metal Nicks said...

This look yummy Anette and look good would love to try it...Take care Anette and love you! :-)

Unknown said...

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