Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mmmmhmmm.... where is the "equality" thing we are so proud of here in Sweden? Saw the Debate show and man, some men are just stuck in the 20s...

I´ll talk more about this tomorrow cause now it´s time for some sleep;=)

Elephants and leopards

Good evening my dear ones,=)

Hope you´ve had a wonderful day! I´ve stayed inside since it´s been a storm here since last night and they said we should stay inside so I obeyed;=)

And what is better to do than to sit by my sewing machine and get some stuff done for the baby? I´ve not been so happy with my machine cause it´s been messing with me for some days so yesterday I called in the heavy artillery - my mum;=) She´s a seamstress and know it all so she sat down and the problem was solved fast and easy! Thanks for having mothers!;=)

So today I have made a sheet out of a cute cotton jersey fabric with some elastan in it for the little one´s first "bed". This bed Nemo also used and we keep this in between us in our bed while the baby sleeps with us. 

It´s called Baby sleep and is folded like a bag when not used

Then when opened it´s folded out like a little bed and here you can see it with my new sheet in it;=)

The sheet is made like a "wrap on" sheet so it doesn´t move

Here it is wrapped around the little mattress

And here´s the "pillow" that comes with it. I´m planning to try and do a wrap on for this too;=)

I also got a nice package today from Oiidesign with these lovely leopard clothes. I had these little leggings for Nemo and he looked so cool;=) Leopard suits both girls and boys and I LOVE leopard print (as you all know;=) These are from a Danish brand called MarMar Copenhagen.

And I have a pregnancy craving - Salmiakki! So, since I´ve been SO good, singing in a Finnish band for years, maybe someone at the company HALVA who produces these, can endorse me and send me LOTS of these??;=) They only sell these in small packages in ONE little kiosk here in my city;=( So mitä, Halva??? We have a deal?=)

Haha, well, now to my pregancy outfit for today: I had this on during the day but then in the evening when my belly is hard as a leather football, I need something cosier and then I changed to the second outfit;=) I am still same size on everything EXCEPT that I have a belly that is HARDER than a rock and well, it´s a bit hard to move around;=)

 Daytime outfit: jeans and t-shirt from Dsquared2. Tiger is protecting my baby;=)

Yeah, belive me - my belly isn´t soft, its HARD as a rock;=)

Evening wear: 
Leggings in a crushed velvet, same t-shirt and then a black top from Zadig & Voltaire

Now my dear ones I am awaiting a TV show called "Debate" where they are gonna discuss if it´s OK for a newly become MOTHER to be the host of our big Eurovision song contest in may! Gosh, I am sure I will get quite angry watching it so I might stop by later on again with some views;=)

Otherwise - sleep well my dear ones and lots of love to you all!


Hi all,

I hope you remember that I have an Instagram account where I put up photos during my days. 

And you can also find a direct link here in the blog of you look in the right menu

Here´s todays photos!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sun has been shining;=)

Oh, what a wonderful day today! Sun, blue sky and 7 plus degrees outside!!! What happened??? We got ONE of those days to get a little "scent" of what spring feels like and thank dear God for that! It´s been so wonderful and when me and Nemo walked a little walk to get some flowers and pick up Seth by the train, I embraced it and now I long even MORE for spring!! In appr. 2 months when our little one is coming I know spring will also come to us;=) 

And spring - you are SO welcome! (you are free to arrive earlier if you want;=)

Yesterday I went to a wonderful decoration store called Living Room and got some candles and I found these cute little candle light holders that fits perfect on our hallway shelf where me and Marilyn smile at each other every morning, when I do my make up and hair;=)

Wasn´t she so beautiful??;=)

My outfit and make up of today, for those interested was my old destroyed jeans from Current/Elliott

my beige top from AJ 177 Project /I have different colors from these since they´re so comfortable;-)

My darling cross boots from Scorett

Make up today was my brown eyeshadow and then I mixed it with a pinkish shadow from the inner lid and to the middle

Hair down and just a tiny little hair clip on one side

And since it was warmer today my dear white coat from Chloé was taken out for a stroll in combination with my scarf with stars on;=)

Now my dear ones, it´s the old dear movie "The Rock" in TV so now Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery will keep me and Johan company;=) 
Sleep well my dear ones and sweet dreams!

Just a quick hello...

...saying that all was good with the baby inside today and we got a date for when he/she will get out (if he/she doesnt decide to check out earlier=)

2 months to go!!!

Now out into the SUN!!!

Enjoy the day and I´ll be back later on telling more;=)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love like you´ve never...

....loved before!

I have this little black board hanging in the kitchen and here I write positive statements that I can look at every day and lift me up. Last week was a really "down" week but this week will be a "happy" week;=) And therefore I wrote this today on the black board!

Even the greyish weather outside can´t make me sad today! Nope, cause I wipe away every single bad thought and it feels GREAT! No one else can make your life feel positive even when there are a clouded sky and we CAN change negative feelings into positive. 

Here´s my view from my kitchen window. As you can see we live up in the roof tops;=)

And the same goes with how we feel about ourselves. I know that when I have a bad day and I feel like my hair is shit, my face is ugly and I am fat and yeah, you know those feelings, then I let that day be like that and know that next day can be one of those where I feel absolutely STUNNING! And our brains are like that, they trick us now and then and again, we can change our thoughts and accept also the bad days and wait for the good days to push those days away;=)

Today I felt like having a ballerina hair-do so I used my donut and put my hair up.
Just pull all the hair up and fasten with an elastic hair band, then twist the loose hair around the donut and fasten with hair pins. Spray with hair spray to fasten and voile - you´re the prima ballerina of the day;=)

And my lovely cross top from Vivistyle is on. Love that it´s longer in the back than in the front. And today I wear my old maternity jeans from H&M that I got when I expected Nemo. These are really ok;=)

Make up today is a green-yellow metallic from Make up Store I got for the Imaginaerum tour. 

So now my dear ones, I´ll continue my day and just want to send lots of positive and loving thoughts your way!;=) 

Only babies... my head nowadays;=) It´s so clear when closing in on the birth date, that the longing gets so much stronger and well, I really am SO curious of this little one inside;=) 

This night, we haven´t been on the same level and well, he/she didn´t want me to lie as I wanted to. I normally love to sleep almost on my belly and he/she´s been fine with this up until now. Now when I put myself on my right side he/she immediately start to move around like crazy and well, I get the hint. I move to the other side and think that maybe we can be "friends" now? NO, he/she doesn´t like that either...

I start to get stressed and toss and turn in every position to get him/her to move so I can lie as I want, but the stubborn little one takes his/her time to move to a spot so I can lie on my left side and relax...puh;=) 

At the latest ultra sound the little one lied on his/her back against my back with his/her head upwards, looking at the stars and almost like a little dog with his/her arms and feet straight up. I wonder how he/she´ll lie tomorrow, when we´re going to check his/her size again;=) But one thing is for sure - I LONG to meet the little one and while waiting I surf around and look at cute babies and baby clothes and kiss and hug Nemo and Seth a bit extra. Lovely kids - the joy of my life;=)

Here´s some wonderful baby stuff I found today and I would love to put on the little one:
These from a new brand at Mom2Mom;=) The babies are not included...hehe!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Hi all,

Hope your weekend has been wonderful;=) I actually have been SO tired so mostly I´ve been lying in the couch and doing nothing. But that´s needed at times too and especially now when all those pregnancy aches are arriving day by day;=)

Today we took a nice walk to get some air and even if it was 4 plus degrees it was windy so a bit cold still. But always nice to get some air and feel a bit more awake afterwards.

Took some photos for you from our walking street where there are some nice buildings, like this one:

There´s an apartment for sale in here and at the moment;=)

This beautiful white house is also situated in the walking street with apartments in this part and then in the bottom there´s different stores

One nice clothing store is situated in this house and the store is called STORE;=) Easy name!

This building is situated in the part of the walking street where they haven´t fixed the concrete and made it a nicer looking street, as they have done in the other part. I hope they´ll fix this part too so it looks more appealing:

Then some photos from our home since I get asked to take some photos from our home now and then;=)

One of our living room windows that head out towards the church and walking street below:

And in my oldest son, Seth´s room, in his shelf I have put these little cuties;=) Seth´s foot and hand prints when he was a little baby. Now the feet and hands are quite much bigger! hehe!

Time flies and it´s just hard to imagine that this was soon 12 years ago! ;=)

And here´s my clothes for today. It´s getting harder and harder to dress without looking like a tent, since the belly is just popping out there all the time;=)

Grey top, black skirt that is longer back from Gina Tricot. You´ve see this a couple of times before;=)  

Yeah, the belly is still popping out;=)

On my feet a pair of old boots from Tommy Hilfiger

Easy make up with just one brown shadow on the eyes today

And my dear parkas from H&M is always accompaning me when I go out,=)

Now time to check some TV and put the oldest son to bed;=)

Sleep well, my dear ones!