Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest in my Instagram;=)

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Betty Blue said...

You really do enjoy taking photos, don´t you ;-)
They are great, but since I don´t know much about photography - just enough to press the right button on my old camera - my word is not so important ^^ But still I like them.
I think people taking the time to take photos are great. Especially on concerts, of course. I never have the nerve to do so, only at VERY important occasions, like when I saw HIM live in Vienna in 2010. But I was even too lazy to take photos at Tarja´s concert in Hanover... Luckily I usually find some friends who take photos, this weekend I´ll go to see Lord of the Lost (do you know them?) live and I hope one of the two friends accompanying me will take photos ^^
But whatever - I´m so talkative today, it drove my philosophy teacher mad - I just wanted to say that those hand- and footprints are so very cute ;-) Do you have the same from Nemo?
Now enjoy the evening, my dear one! (And congrats if you managed to read the whole chitchatting of mine, I´m sorry to spam your blog ^^)
Love, Betty

XxBriannaxX said...

Love the pictures. You look so beautiful. :) green is a good color for you! And is my favorite color! Hehe

Unknown said...

These pictures are wonderful ;-) You look so beautiful and young!

Beatrix said...

Unfortunately I can't have Instagram (Windows phone.. brrrr) so I can comment only here.
Love your green top, I do not think we have seen it before so thanks for the pic.
Helsingborg is still beautiful. Those buildings look quite old. I would love to see them in person. :)
Actually, just yesterday I wandered around a bit in the streets of Helsingborg via Google Maps, but of course it is not the same at all... :)
And those cute clothes from yesterday! :) I was sure again, that you are having a baby girl, but then after reading your comments now I am starting to beleive it's a boy and you are just fooling us. Anyways, you are a big player, Anette! Have you ever tried poker?? :D